Geraldo Rivera-the Multi Professional-wears a wig or not

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Riviera Geraldo is in news these days, you must hear his hair toupee rumor that has become a buzzword.

Law is such a vast profession. There is a big name in this profession that is Geraldo. He is an attorney as well as a journalist. He is well known for his talk show and journalism. His very well-known personality in this profession. He is also an author, political commentator, and former host. He hosted many new magazines and appeared on the broadcasts occasionally. 

Riviera Geraldo, a multifunctional, is in the eyes of the viewers. The fans wanted to know the exact story of his hair originality. In this article, we will let you know about the details.

Geraldo Rivera 

His full name is Geraldo Rivera and he was born on 14 July 1943 at Beth Israel Medical Centre in New York. His parents are Lillian and Cruz. The special thing about his ancestry through his father is that he is related to Puerto Rican. His father was a catholic while his mother was Jewish. He has almost raised as a Jew himself. He was brought up in Brooklyn and West Babylon in New York and went to school there for early education. He and his family faced the difficulties of racism, so his mother spelled his name as Rivera instead of Riviera to avoid discrimination. He attended the state university of New York maritime college in throggs necks from the time of 1961 to 1963. He received his BS degree in business administration from the University of Arizona. 

Doing a few jobs here and there he finally enrolled in the law program at Brooklyn law school in 1966. During this degree, he did an internship under the supervision of crime-fighter Frank Hogan. He was then entered into the New York state bar at the end of the year 1969. He was an active attorney and activities and slowly he started his practice. he caught the eye of news director Al-primo during his law practice but the director was a bit worried about his name Geraldo as it was pure Latin and decided to go with his family name the Riviera family. As he got experience in the field, ABC arranged an introductory broadcast journalism study so he could be better involved in the work. In the year 1987, he hosted a daytime show, Geraldo. From the year 1994 to 2001 he hosted a night show called Rivera live on CNBC it was only aired on the weekends. He played his role in the Seinfeld finale in the year 1998. He did the voice of the news broadcaster for Phineas and Ferb the episode called Phineas and Ferb got busted in the year 2009.

Talking about his personal life, he got married five times, his latest wife is Erica Michelle levy. He married her from 2003 to the present and he has a daughter from her. He admitted to having an affair with the wife of senator Jacob Javits, Marian Javits, until the year 1985. He has a total of 5 children and his family only includes a brother. 

Rivera is also an active sailor and he owns a sailing vessel voyager. He also participated in the voyage races in the years 1985, 2005, 2011, and 2013. He sailed his voyage in the Amazon River for about 14000 miles. He went so far to meet the king of Tonga in a meantime. This journey was also broadcasted in an episode, a few clips might be available on the website even now. 

Does Geraldo Rivera wear a toupee? 

Many celebrities and public figures wear a toupee or a hairpiece to cover their improper hairline and maybe to generally make themselves more presentable and feel confident about themselves. Hair plays a very important role in the personality, no doubt which is why if they are lost at some time of one's life there are solutions have advised. Geraldo Rivera is also one of the public figures who has been suspected of wearing a toupee or hairpiece and the answer to this concern is, yes, he does wear a toupee. He uses toupee to make his hair look better, as, it is an essential thing for his personality. If we think it is quite understandable, he hosted many TV shows and has to be presentable in them, and as mentioned earlier, if your hair looks great it boosts your confidence. His actual hair was not too great so, he seek the help of toupees and hairpieces which is so common and always have been there for influential personalities. 

There have been politicians, actors, and singers who used toupees for one or more reasons. Be it to remain presentable or to cover up the baldness or few bald spots or to present your character in a specific movie better because hair presents your personality and it is a strong element of an appearance. Hairpieces have always been in use. 


Geraldo Rivera was born in Beth Israel health Centre in New York and was raised in Brooklyn. He went to school there. He was Latin and his father was catholic while his mother was a Jew. He faced racism from the early years of his life and due to that, his mother spelled his name as Riviera. He got a degree in business and law later when he got himself into news journalism. He studied introductory news journalism to get a better hang of it. He married five times in his life, his latest marriage was in the year 2003 with Erica Michelle. He has a total of 5 kids. Does he wear a toupee? Yes, he does wear a hairpiece. There could be various reasons or none at all to wear a toupee. 


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