Follow Hair Loss Treatment Doctor Advice to Avoid Baldness

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Please follow the hair loss treatment doctor's advice for having a hair loss problem. Doctors suggest preventing hair loss from four aspects. Don't you know about it?

Too much hair can also be an enviable reason, which shows how common hair loss is now. The root of so many hair loss phenomena is mainly in four high-risk groups:

1. Inheritance

If any one of parents' families has the inheritance of hair loss, the probability of hair loss of children will increase greatly. People with family inheritance have hair loss at an early age. If abnormal hair problems are found, they must go to the hospital as soon as possible.

2. Mental factors

Generally speaking, it is too much pressure in life and work. Everyone is under great pressure, especially the old and the young. The double pressure of work and family will make people nervous for a long time, and the nerves of the scalp and brain will change.

Without adequate nutrition supply, the growth of hair will naturally be affected.

3. Bad living habits

Smoking and drinking with the internal environment of the human body, resulting in the decline of the functions of various tissues. Staying up late can cause endocrine disorders. All these will make your hair loss problem stand out.


Ovarian syndrome, ovarian tumor, hyperthyroidism, prostatic hyperplasia, hypertension, hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia, atherosclerosis, and the decrease of copper and zinc in trace elements are all high-risk groups of alopecia. Liver and kidney diseases and severe anemia can also lead to hair loss.

If you want to solve your hair loss problem, you should start with these aspects to prevent hair loss. Here are some hair loss treatment doctor suggestions:

1.Improve living habits, work and rest regularly, don't stay up late, quit smoking and drinking.

2. Properly adjust your emotions, avoid excessive tension, and do some soothing exercises.

3. Do not dye and perm your hair too frequently, it is best to have more than half a year between them.

4. Having regular physical examination. For people with a family history of alopecia, early medical treatment is an effective way to prevent the disease from getting worse.

Generally speaking, genetic alopecia is very difficult to treat. What you can do is to maintain, eat more protein foods, keep the scalp clean and refreshing, and avoid oily hair. Too oily hair can also lead to oily alopecia.

Your life should be regular, and you should not stay up late often. Of course, some boys may masturbate at night. This should be moderate and must not be excessive, otherwise, it will be counterproductive and cause yang deficiency. It can be properly adjusted by taking Guifu Dihuang(a kind of TCM) pills.

The growth of hair needs nutrition, and nutrition is transported by blood. If a person is sick for a long time, weak and insufficient blood oxygen, and poor nutrition, the hair will lose short life due to lack of nutrition and poor growth.

Abnormal hair loss is due to the influence of hair growth, which makes it easy for people to lose their hair. Excessive stress of contemporary young people is also a major factor leading to hair loss. Excessive consumption of cold drinks, lack of nutrition, excessive heat radiation, frequent inflammation, and other causes of hair loss in summer.

Hair loss treatment doctor advice is as follow:

Pay attention to regular life and avoid staying up late.

Pay attention to nutrition and eat more foods containing iron, calcium, and vitamin A, such as milk, eggs, lean meat, fish, bean products, sesame, and so on.

Pay attention to clean hair and wash your hair frequently.

When washing hair, rub the scalp more to promote the blood circulation of the head. Do not scratch it.

Of course, there are benefits. As mentioned above, a medicine can treat excessive masturbation. There is also the premise of keeping the scalp fresh and clean, wash your hair with ginger water and wipe your scalp with ginger. Two or three times a day, each time lasting ten minutes. It will take effect soon.

Hair transplant surgery is mainly aimed at people with hair loss who can't be cured with drugs, and usually have a certain area of hair loss. The principle of hair transplantation is to extract the natural healthy hair follicles in an occipital region which are not attacked by DHT and plant them in the hair loss area, to prevent hair loss in the hair loss area.

At present, the management system of hair transplant is not perfect, so there are mixed phenomena, so it is necessary to choose hair transplant hospitals carefully.


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