How to Find the Reliable Toupee Application near Me?

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You might have been searching for "Best Toupee Applications near me" on the internet for a long time because you're tired of trying to hide your prominent bald spots. If you feel like you're thinning on the top and you want to experience lush silky smooth and heavy hair again in your life, you've come to the right place. 

There are toupee application guides on the internet but none of them are truly comprehensive and understandable. That's why in this article, we at Lavivid, are going to talk about how to apply toupee hair systems perfectly so that you can feel confident and beautiful about yourself again.

What is a Toupee?

Before we talk about how to apply Lavivid's incredibly high-quality hair systems, let's talk about what a toupee really is. Toupee is a hairpiece or a partial wig that is designed with natural or synthetic hair fibers to cover bald spots. The great thing about toupees is that they don't require any extensive and harmful surgical methods and provide a natural-looking beautifully stylish look to your hair.

If your scalp is thinning and getting exposed and you feel unhappy, wearing a toupee is going to make you feel so much more confident about yourself.

Toupee Application near me 

If you want a professional salon or hairstylist to apply your toupee and you're a resident of La Puente, you can actually get a great job done from hair salons like Chaz Dean Studio or Tere's Beauty Salon. In other situations, you can search for "Toupee application near me" and find the best salon or stylist in your area. All you need to do is take your Lavivid toupee to the hairstylist and get your toupee application done perfectly. 

Applying a toupee

When it comes to amazing toupees with high-quality natural and thick designs, Lavivid's toupee hairpieces are truly some of the best. Instead of searching on the internet for "Toupee Application near me", you can easily apply your own toupee. Once you get your own from our website, follow these steps in order to apply your toupee accurately.

Step 1: Shave the balding top of your head

The first thing that you need to do, is that you need to take care of your partially bald hair spots. The growth of hair might be uneven or just not great. In order to use a toupee, you're going to have to shave the center of your hair top completely clean so that a toupee can be applied on it perfectly.

Step 2: Trim the rest of your hair

Now that you're done with the center of your hair, you're going to trim the rest of your hair. For this, you're going to use a trimmer or a pair of scissors and make sure that the hair on the side is not uneven and will complement the rest of your toupee nicely.

Step 3: Clean your scalp

This is an important part. You need to completely clean your scalp before you apply the hairpiece. Wash your head first. Then use alcohol to clean the top of your head. And make sure that you dry your scalp before you start applying the toupee at all.

Step 4: Cut the base of the toupee

Our lush and high-quality toupees come with adjustable sizes because you can cut the base according to the size of your bald. Try placing the toupee on your head and make sure that you cover the bald completely. Cut the base of the hair system accurately and then you can move further with the application.

Step 5: Apply the hairpiece

After cutting the base according to the size of your bald spot, you're going to place the hairpiece on your head. Make sure you take a look at yourself and adjust the size even further until you're completely satisfied with the look.

Step 6: Glue the hairline

After placing the hairpiece with the adhesive, you're going to make the final touches to your Lavivid toupee. You're going to use liquid toupee glue to seal the hairline so that there's a natural and cool look to your hair and you can truly get the best out of your toupee.

Step 7: Rock your stylish and thick hair

You're finally done with your toupee application and ready to rock with your stylish and amazing looking hair. You can change your hairstyle according to your choice and feel more beautiful and confident about yourself.

With Lavivid's toupees, you're not only going to get a thick and high-quality toupee but you're also going to get the best prices. So, make sure you get your hairpiece from Lavivid and follow our toupee application guide properly.


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