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In the modern world, hair systems are not just a tool used to hide hair loss problems, they are also an important element of the flow. Whether you’re looking for a variety of looks or for a special occasion, hair systems can fulfill a variety of needs. In this article, we will introduce you to three popular hair systems: Nicolas, Tyler, and Adrian, each of which has its own unique features and benefits that may help you find the perfect fashion piece for you. Through this introduction, you will learn the specific details of these hair systems, so that you will be more comfortable when choosing a hair system.


Nicolas Hair System

The Nicolas hair system is a meticulously crafted mono-base hair replacement system for men, highly popular among hair system salons. Its base structure features mono material at the top, reinforced PU around the perimeter, and bleached lace in the front. The front edge has a unique scallop-shaped PU design that connects with the lace, making the entire base very strong, easy to manage, and allowing the hair to flow naturally, just like real hair.
This specially crafted base simplifies the application, removal, and cleaning process, making it very user-friendly. The knots in the front are well-bleached, providing a very natural and undetectable hairline, enabling you to expose your hairline confidently and achieve a slicked-back hairstyle.

Nicolas is available in two sizes: 7’’x9’’ and 8’’x10’’. If a smaller base is needed, these sizes can be cut down to 5.5’’x8’’ and 6.5’’x9’’, respectively. The hair used for this model is Indian Remy human hair, known for its softness and natural body wave, allowing it to flow just like your own hair. Another noteworthy feature is the nearly perfect ventilation of the hair system, with the hair direction resembling the natural growth of real hair.

Tyler Hair System

Crafted with precision and attention to detail, Tyler hair system provides a seamless, natural-looking appearance, offering a truly transformative and empowering experience. The Tyler Hair System features a combination base of silk in the middle, PU on the sides and back, and 3/4’’ lace in the front. The silk middle section offers an unmatched natural scalp appearance with three layers of breathable mesh materials, ensuring durability and a lifespan of up to a year with proper care. The lace front has a bleached hairline for an incredibly authentic exposed look, while the PU sides and back allow for easy application and removal using tape or glue.

The base measures 8’’x10’’, with 1.5’’ wide PU on the sides and back, making it easy to customize to 7’’x9’’ while still leaving 1’’ wide PU for tape application. The smallest size it can be cut into is 6’’x8.75’’. Made from high-quality Indian Remy human hair, the system boasts a medium light density of 100%, a hair length of 6’’, and a natural 28mm body wave pattern. Additionally, clips can be added to the system, allowing for use without shaving your natural hair.


Adrian Hair System

Adrian, the epitome of luxury and quality in hair solutions. Crafted with the finest Virgin European hair, Adrian stands apart as a pinnacle of unprocessed excellence. This hair has not undergone toning, lifting, bleaching, or dyeing, ensuring its natural integrity remains untouched.

Adrian boasts a remarkable texture, offering a soft and sleek feel with cuticles fully intact. What sets it apart is its versatility – designed to be colored, balayaged, rooted, permed, treated, and fully customized to suit individual preferences. The possibilities are endless, allowing you to express your unique style effortlessly.

Adrian’s base is made from all Swiss lace to ensure a seamless and natural look that blends perfectly into your scalp. This high quality lace base is known for its breathability and is perfect for active lifestyles. No matter if you exercise, enjoy the outdoors, or reside in a warm and humid area, the Adrian hair system will ensure you stay comfortable and cool. Furthermore, the lace foundation is crafted to be gentle and soft on the skin, minimizing the chance of irritation and guaranteeing optimal comfort. Adrian offers you the ideal combination of both comfort and style simultaneously.


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