Expert Tips: How to Remove Hair System Glue FAST

August 15, 2023 Hair System Adhesives Views: 572

Adam, our old friend, is wearing a Lavivid hair system called "Coeus". Today, Adam is going to be doing a tutorial involving glue removal from the hair system. It's not as easy as tape, but this is an important article to make because a lot of people, including Adam himself, just use glue right now. He wants to show you how it's done in the quickest and easiest way possible, so let's get into it.

let's get started with this. The system, by the way, has been on for about two weeks, which is roughly the time that Adam usually wears it. However, as he has become a more experienced hair system wearer, he doesn't worry so much about how long he's had it on. He removes it when the time feels right, when it's getting a bit too itchy, and he finds that he gets longer out of it. He's already getting c22 in his eyes. This stuff is a nightmare, but it's very good at removing adhesive. Also, when it gets into his eyes, it's a bit irritating, but it doesn't really hurt.

The system is coming off quite nicely, actually. There we go, system off. Hey Presto, look at all that glue that's been there for about two weeks. Let's get this glue off.

So, look at this, the hair system base has a lot of old glue on it, on the mannequin. Adam begins with cotton balls because it's a good way of pulling the glue off the base. He unravels them to get a bigger surface area to work with. He dabs it onto the base, and the glue attaches to the cotton balls. He usually needs a couple of these.

He uses an old towel to scrape the glue off the base because the towel has better pulling power and friction than cotton balls. It comes off easily using moderate pressure. This towel approach was recommended to him by someone on a Facebook group, and even though it sounds messy, it works well. Adam finds it much more efficient than using cotton balls alone.

Adam continues to demonstrate how the towel technique helps remove the glue effectively. He mentions that the glue he used this time is transdermal by Pro Hair Labs, which he finds holds well and is water-based. He recommends it for its longevity.

He points out that the towel technique makes the glue removal process much quicker and easier compared to using cotton balls alone. He demonstrates how he uses c22 adhesive remover to loosen any residual glue.

Adam emphasizes the efficiency of the towel technique, as it has significantly reduced the time it takes to remove the glue. He applies isopropyl alcohol to clean and sanitize the base before re-bonding it.

As Adam finishes the process, he asks viewers if they found the technique helpful and if it could save them time when removing adhesive from their hair system. Adam concludes by saying he will be getting the system back on and promises to create more contents soon.


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