Some Guidelines on Effective and Original Cure: Hair Loss Treatment Ginger

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Are you using hair loss treatment ginger? Where did you get this solution? I bet you must know it really can cure your hair loss problem. To be honest, using ginger to treat your baldness is a very traditional way that only Chinese people use.

As long as men still exist, hair loss will not disappear.

Perhaps the most common hair disease is male alopecia. This disease usually occurs in the thirties and forties, but it may also occur after puberty and sexual maturity. This is a hereditary disease, so the incidence rate is higher in some families.

Some families are inherited from the paternal generation, while others are inherited from the maternal generation. Hair loss is very common. Half of the North American men show baldness to some extent at the age of 50.

I believe that many people have seen or heard of someone using ginger to wipe their scalp to treat hair loss. So, is it useless to wipe hair loss with ginger?

Whether it is useful or not, we must first understand the cause of hair loss.

Under the influence of male hormones

Beard and hair are both human hair, which is also influenced by male hormones. The more vigorous the male hormones are, the more vigorous they grow. However, based on hair loss genes, the severity of hair loss is related to the amount of male hormone secretion in the body. The stronger the male hormone secretion, the more severe the hair loss will be.

At the same time, the stronger the male hormone secretion will inevitably cause the beard to grow more vigorously. The more severe the hair loss, the more vigorous the beard grows.

Hair loss is generally divided into physiological hair loss and pathological hair loss. Physiological hair loss refers to hair in retrogression and rest period. Because the hair entering retrogression and new growth period is constantly in dynamic balance, it is a normal replacement phenomenon, so it can maintain a normal amount of hair.

Pathological hair loss refers to abnormal or excessive hair loss, the main reasons are:

1. Genetic factors, androgenetic alopecia (seborrheic alopecia) is the most common reason for hair loss.

2. Autoimmune factors, such as vitiligo.

3. Long-term mental stress, mental stress, and anxiety affect the metabolism and dysfunction of the body.

4. Infection factors: some bacteria and fungi infection, can destroy hair follicles, resulting in hair loss.

5. Some physical factors, such as too tight hair binding and physical pulling.

Is hair loss treatment ginger useful? Ginger is helpful to some extent in the early stage of some types of alopecia.

Ginger has two main mechanisms of action:

First, ginger itself has a certain amount of volatile oil, which may dilate blood vessels, thus improving the microcirculation of the scalp, and the activity of 5α- reductase will decrease so that the androgen dihydrotestosterone in the body will decrease.

We know that seborrheic alopecia, that is, androgen alopecia is mainly caused by androgen (mainly dihydrotestosterone), so it is beneficial to hair growth.

Secondly, ginger contains gingerol, which can stimulate local blood circulation of the scalp, promote the metabolism of the scalp and activate hair follicle tissue to a certain extent, thus contributing to the alleviation of alopecia.

Although scalp rubbing with ginger can relieve alopecia to a certain extent, it is not effective for all patients. It is suggested that patients should take regular medical treatment.

Generally speaking, patients with severe alopecia can be treated by hair transplantation. But that way is really too expensive!

In addition, diet can be adjusted in daily life to help treat alopecia, such as eating more foods rich in iron or vegetable protein, such as soybean, black bean, spinach, potato, black sesame, corn, etc.

For Chinese tradition medical aspect:

Chinese medicine has explained the principle of ginger in treating alopecia. Ginger contains a variety of trace elements beneficial to the human body, among which gingerol can normalize blood circulation of head skin, promote the metabolism of the scalp, activate hair follicle tissue, effectively prevent hair loss and white hair, stimulate new hair growth, inhibit scalp itching and strengthen hair follicle.

Ginger even has a special effect on alopecia areata in our daily life. Ginger is applied to the affected area of alopecia areata for several days, and new hair can be produced in the bald area. Ginger may be inconvenient to use. Hair loss patients can buy ginger shampoo to achieve the same purpose as hair loss treatment ginger.


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