Does Troy Aikman Wear a Hairpiece?

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Troy Aikman is a former football player and a current Football analyst. Being in the media industry, he expects to look top-notch at all times.

Being a former athlete, Aikman is a solid-built and bulky 55-year-old. However, age is just a number for this TV analyst as he is still in his A-game in his mid-fifties. 

With a height above 6 feet, Aikman was one of the best football players. Every millennial football fan must've seen him on the pitch in his early career days. Nowadays, seen with a headphone and a mic across his face, Aikman is a FOX channels football analyst. 

To know more about him and his hair journey, keep on reading. 

Does Troy Aikman wear a hairpiece?

Well, no, he doesn't. But the definition of hairpiece matters in this regard. A traditional hairpiece is usually for fashion purposes. Throughout history, men and women have worn hairpieces for fashion and symbolism. 

Though Aikman is yet to be spotted wearing a traditional hairpiece, he does wear big headphones around his head.

As a football player and a part of the Dallas Cowboys, Aikman wore a helmet with a start sign while playing. After his football career ended, he then became an analyst. Before retiring in 2021, Aikman used to wear headphones while being on air. 

Who is Troy Aikman?

Troy Aikman is a formerFootball quarterback who played for the Cowboys from 1989 to 2000. In his 11-year-long career, he has received appreciation many times. 

He has seen it all as an athlete, from awards and appreciations to critics and haters. Even the rivals awed his courage and determination on the pitch.

After leaving Football due to health issues, he went on to become a football analyst on tv. He now critiques other footballers and their performances. Belonging from Oklahoma, Troy Aikman has two daughters from his former wife and Cowboy's publicist Rhonda Worthey. 

He is married to Catherine Mooty, with whom he tied the knot in 2017. 

The Football champion

Despite currently having a promising career, Aikman is mainly known for the Football he played. He made a good name for himself in the eleven years of his football career. He won the most-acclaimed 'Super Bowl Most Valuable Player award in 1993, which jump started his fame early in his career.

He also led his team ' the Dallas Cowboys of NFL, to three Super Bowl victories in 1993, 1994, and 1996. He was also awarded the MVP status for ​​Super Bowl XXVII for his exceptional team-leading skills. 

Furthermore, he is on the fourth number in the 'quarterback with most super bowls' category after bagging three super bowl wins.

Troy Aikman haircut

Troy Aikman has always been an attractive athlete throughout his career. From his early light blonde mid-length hair to now his grey-streaked short hair, people are fanning over his style and looks. 

No wonder there are many online tutorials on cutting your hair, like Troy Aikman. Salons are also offering his hair cuts to lure in football fans.

As his current career is all about TV appearances and public outings, Aikman has often been seen with different kinds of haircuts lately. Now that his television presenter career is on the rise, he has started putting a lot more effort into his looks. From long and unkempt hair to short, gelled back looks, Aitman has indeed upped his hair game.

Troy Aikman can not grow a beard

Unlike his groomed and healthy hair, Aikman's beard is a different story. He has been in the headlines since 1989 but has never been seen with a beard. 

It might seem normal for many people who shave their beards, but news recently revealed that Aikman's beard hair doesn't grow. A few hairs popping here and there is no issue, but a normal-length beard will probably remain Aikmans unfulfilled wish forever.

He's hardly ever seen with a bit of stubble. So when Johan Madden said on a live football match, "Troy Aikman is trying to grow a beard, and he just can't," everyone realized the mystery behind his clean-shaven look. 

After Madden's comment, the statement that Troy Aikman can not grow a decent beard became the talk of the town. People got busy sharing the viral comment and pouring suggestions to help Aikman's beard hair.

Aikman's melanoma story

Life is not all fun for this football legend. After being diagnosed with stage 2 skin cancer in 1998, his football career took a big hit. 

Unfortunately, melanoma is also the most threatening skin cancer, with a high mortality rate. It, along with other health issues, became the reason for his retirement in 2000.

Though the melanoma was caught at an earlier stage and didn't spread after surgery, still going through some as heinous as cancer changed him as a person. 

As a result, Aikman now helps spread awareness about the treatment and prevention of skin cancer. Almost 70 thousand Americans get melanoma every year. Therefore, Aikman hopes to raise awareness about its early detection. 

TV analyst for Football

Diseases might have forced him out of on-field Football, but they couldn't end his love for the sport. 

After his on-pitch career ended in 2000, he went out to become a football analyst on TV. Aikman gained fame after he started working with FOX as an analyst. He bid farewell to FOX news in 2021 after a 12-year-long career in front of the camera.

Currently, ESPN hires Aikman as their lead analyst along with Joe Buck. His love for the football game is evident from his commentaries and analysis during the games, which keep the audience hooked. Aikman has no plans to bid this career goodbye as it keeps him connected to Football.


Troy Aikman has been a successful career-oriented person all his life. From his football days to his commentator days, his fans always appreciate his will and hard work.  

His will to succeed keeps him going, and his love for Football keeps him on his toes daily. Even though he hasn't professionally played for the last 22 years, being on football grounds is his ultimate wish.


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