Does the TV Personality Clinton Kelly wear a toupee?

August 25, 2022 LaVivid News Views: 2014

Wearing a hairpiece is common these days. Many people wear hairpieces nowadays because it is becoming a trend. Hairpiece does not always mask hair loss but is also used for hair styling and other purposes. Celebrities also wear hairpieces during their shoots and in real life too. As it is becoming a trend, when people see someone with good natural hair, they tend to perceive it as a hairpiece. Celebrities are often exposed to these types of things. Clinton Kelly is a famous American TV personality who is surrounded by gossip about his hair. Let’s have a look at what does the news say?

Clinton Kelly 

Viewers of the popular daytime show ‘The Chew’ must’ve known Clinton Kelly. Clinton Kelly is famous for his show ‘The Chew’. He is an American TV personality, lifestyle consultant, and author. He had his bachelor’s in Arts in communication degree. He wants to become an author but he hesitated about being broke. He has done his master’s in journalism. He liked magazine editing too. Before joining television, he started working as a freelance writer. With the freelancing, he worked as an editor too in New York at several publications. During that time he wrote many articles on different topics like fitness, health, etc. With the time, he became an editor at Marie Claire where Kelly started his career in Fashion. After some time, at DNR he became the executive editor. During his work at DNR, the producers of “What not to wear” approached him for the male lead role. He started working as a co-host of the show “What not to wear”.  In 2011, he worked as a moderator for the daytime show The Chew. He had done many TV shows and series. Besides being a TV personality, he continued writing books and articles. Many times he chosen for TV shows because of his written books. He published his books and his books also became popular. In 2005, he co-wrote a book with Stacy London. The title of the book was “Dress your best”. Out of his books, some of them got fame and became much notable. The names of his notable bookwork are “I hate everyone except you, ‘Freakin fabulous on a budget, ‘Oh no she didn’t, and Dress your best.” Some of his famous TV shows are “Spring baking championship, The chew, What not to wear.” On his social media, he also created a popular web series. Besides all of his work, he has good taste in interior designs. His home in Miami remained in the publications because of its different and creative interior design. Currently, as a style expert and columnist, he is contributing to women’s day. He gave a hint to his fans that he is starting a new show in home space. With all of that, he styled and maintained himself in a very good way that amazes people. Most of the time people question his good quality shiny hair. 

The truth behind gossip about Clinton Kelly’s hair

Clinton Kelly, a famous American TV personality is in the news because of his hair. He is 53 years old and has a wide male forehead type. Although he has not had a bunch of hair on his head his hair is in good condition. People gossip about his hair and question that does he wear a hairpiece or a toupee. Above the age of 50, most men face hair problems like hair loss, hair greying, male pattern baldness, etc. but Clinton Kelly’s hair does not show any sign of these problems except for his wide male-type forehead. That’s why people think that he wears a hairpiece. According to people, how a man cannot have hair problems during this age. Some people are very sure that he wears a hairpiece while some are not. If we closely look at his previous and recent pictures, we can say that he is not wearing a hairpiece. In his previous pictures, he had good hair but he had a less wide male-type forehead.  In recent pictures, he has a wide male-type forehead. The only difference is in forehead type. So, we can say that his hair is natural and not a hairpiece. His hair also does not look like he had a hair transplant. There can be many other reasons for his good quality hair. In markets, there are many hair treatments and products which help in having good quality hair. Maybe he had many hair treatments or extra hair care which is the result of his good quality hair at this age. Furthermore, he is a celebrity, he has to maintain himself from head to toe because he has to appear in front of the public. Celebrities go for many things and ways to hide their flaws. There are more chances of him like other celebrities to go for hair treatments. Hair treatments give hair a natural and healthy look. After all of these observations, we can say that he does not wear a hairpiece. His good quality hair is maybe the result of some hair treatments.  


Famous author, lifestyle consultant, and American TV personality is surrounded by the gossip of people due to his hair. People are questioning his hair and how he has that good quality hair at the age of 53. At the age above 50, only several people have good hair. Maybe Clinton Kelly is one of those rare people. Except for his wide male-type forehead, he has good quality shiny hair. People think that he wears a hairpiece but his hair doesn’t look like a hairpiece. The appearance of his hair doesn’t even look like a hair transplant. Rather we can say that he had many hair treatments which are the secret behind his good quality hair. Being a part of the TV industry, it is very common for celebrities to opt for these types of treatments to maintain their personality. Clinton Kelly himself never said a single word about his hair. All the assumptions are based on the observations. So, with surety, we cannot say anything about Clinton Kelly’s hair. 


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