Does Sylvester Stallone Wears A Toupee?

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It is an unpopular theory that being rich and good-looking often co-exist. Have you ever wondered how your favorite celebrities look so perfect in every photoshoot? Well, you might think that this is how they are, but in many cases, they need some cosmetic restoration to be what they are. People are often curious when a celebrity who has lost his hair appears with a full hairy head in some project. People have the same concerns about the illustrious Sylvester Stallone. 

Sylvester Stallone

If you were born in the 70s or 80s, then there is a big chance that you are well aware of who he is and what he used to do. But just in case you need to recall, Sylvester, known as Rambo to his fans, is the first-rate vintage muscle builder and Hollywood actor. He has been a bodybuilding tycoon for decades and always will be. If I say that Sylvester's body advertised his films, then it won't be far from reality. Starting from his first movie, Rocky, he has been considered one of the greatest movie stars.

But no matter how famous you are, how much weight you lift, and how many fibers and carbs you take, it can't help you grow back the lost hair on your head. In the case of Sylvester, followers are big fans of the hairline that he has maintained after all these years. Some fans also have a theory that his hairline at the age of 70 is more refined than in his 30s. So, this raises the question that. 

Sylvester Stallone and his toupee rumors:

Many superstars have managed to restore the hair they lost without letting a word out. 

Daniel Craig has been boasting a wig for a while now; instead, it is said that he would not have been able to get the 007 characters without the hair patch. Same in the case of the Bollywood star Akshay Kumar who used a hair patch before finally getting an implant.

As I said earlier, it is said that Rambo has a better hairline in his 70s than he had in his 30s. Realistically, this perfection in the hair doesn't seem like a hair patch, aka toupee; rather, it appears to be a hair implant, perhaps an aggressive form of a hair transplant as Rambo possesses an unbelievably low and charming hairline.

Sylvester Stallone rocked his hair in the 70s. In his first movie, his hair was also taking front in looks and muscular structure. In the 80s, his hair was pretty much the same; the 90s did not change this either. The rumors of him having a patch or an implant started to become notorious in the 2000s, when he was arrested for smuggling some illegal steroids in Australia, his hair was fine with no clear evidence of a hair patch, or maybe they looked a little too fine. Was it an implant? As the evidence suggests he didn't need an implant at that time, then why did he get it? 

Some celebrities go on the road of a hair implant to maintain their hair follicle healthily and thick. Males lose the rich hairline as their age rips; for celebs, to keep their job, it becomes a necessity to maintain their hair; toupee and implants often come to rescue the many.

When we look at Rambo, we cannot dismiss the idea that having such hair at 72 is not a coincidence. All the arrows are pointing towards a hair transplant. So, we can establish that Sylvester doesn't wear a wig on his head. It also sounds quite ridiculous when we talk about a hair patch on Stallone’s head. It just doesn't seem right.

Having that hair is surprising for a man of his age, but as we conclude from his past pictures, he did not have any significant issue with male pattern baldness. He never had very evident thinning of hair either, but with age, he might have got multiple hair transplant procedures to maintain the hairy head he has.

To our surprise, many of the die-hard fans of Sylvester Stallone disagree with this idea of him getting his hair redone by a surgeon. This fans' trust is because there is no clear evidence to believe that. A hair clinic claims that their specialists performed the hair transplant procedure of Sylvester, and he paid a hefty amount to get 4000 grafts implanted in his scalp and that he recommends the procedure to those who are sensitive about their hair.

Whether he had a hair transplant or not, it will not affect his stardom. It makes the fans anxious whether celebrities are playing genuinely in real life or not or getting an answer to the famous question of how these celebrities are so good-looking.

The views can vary on whether Rocky got a hair transplant or not, but it is rigidly stamped that he doesn't wear a wig for sure.


Wearing a hair patch is not something to be ashamed of. Many actors embrace their baldness as it gives them an alpha male look or just like how they are. Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, is an example. Still, for the clarity of our readers and to address their curiosity, we can say that our favorite celebrity, Sylvester, doesn't wear a hair patch or toupee. Perhaps he gave rebirth to his hairline through a hair transplant, or maybe it's just natural Sylvester Stallone's clump of hair many of us known since 1976. 


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