Does Jimmy Kimmel Wear A Toupee?

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Everyone has seen many rumors about famous personalities and lifestyles. The one big rumor is, doesn't he or she wear a wig/toupee or not? 

You have heard about some Hollywood actors, actresses, sportsmen, players, reporters, police officers, deductors, etc. Here comes another story from The Hollywood Reporter on Jimmy Kimmel. He is a decent artist, a prankster and a competitor who recognizes the value of rival host Jay Leno. There are some secrets about Kimmel.

Many rumors have been spread about various famous personalities wearing hairpieces and wigs throughout the years. However, this rumor is sometimes declared true or sometimes wrong. Like Several accusations have been made about Jimmy Kimmel wearing a wig. And also, Jimmy has appeared with a wig in his “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”. What do you think? Is this true or not? 

So, here we will clear confusion about Jimmy Kimmel's hairstyle. 

Who is Jimmy Kimmel?

James Christian Kimmel is a well-known actor, producer, TV host, comedian, writer, and in the United States. Kimmel was born November 13, 1967 (age 54 years) in Brooklyn, New York, United States. His father's name is James Kimmel, who is Decent and Gentlemen, and his mother's name is Joann Iacono. He was raised with his siblings and parents in Brooklyn.

He was married to Gina Kimmel from 1988–2002 and got divorced. Then 2nd married to Molly McNearney in 2013. He has 4 children: Katie Kimmel, William John Billy Kimmel, Kevin Kimmel, and Jane Kimmel. 

He got fame with their acting and writing skills. He has also hosted many tv shows. On Jan 26, 2004, " A late-night talk show " entitled Jimmy Kimmel to live! In 2018, his name enlisted in Time Magazine’s “Top 100 Influential People in the World”. 

In live show transmission, a more highly rated show due to A live audience, Kimmel's entertaining, with celebrities ranging from every famous singer, actors/actresses and stars in every profession visiting the show.


Jimmy Kimmel won the award are listed below

  • ●1999 Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Game Show Host 
  • ●2012 Writers Guild of America Award for Comedy/Variety – Music, Awards, Tributes – Specials
  • ●2013 Hollywood Walk of Fame and Variety's Power of Comedy Award
  • ●2016 Writers Guild of America Award for comedian & Critics' Choice Television Award for Best Talk Show
  • ●2019 Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Variety Special (Live) and Critics' Choice Television Award for Best Comedy Special
  • ●2020 Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Variety Special (Live)

Does Jimmy Kimmel Wear a Toupee? 

Kimmel's hairstyles were criticized in 2012 during a late-night show with Leno. Jimmy jock, that was about coloring his hair and wearing wigs. Leno made an unclear statement against Jimmy on his late-night show, which caused the autistic situation and prompted Jimmy to respond. However, his spokesperson cleared this rumor and denied the rumors and said he does not wear a wig or dye his hair.

Leno made fun, and fur was all made out of celebrity toupees. It seems harmless. Then in the answer, jock Jimmy Kimmel pulled a prank on him, suggesting that he had a wig and dyed his hair.

Finally, it was clear, Jimmy, not to wear a toupee. Jimmy has real beautiful hair and does not have a typical hairline, and many of his viewers suspect he wears a toupee. 

Jimmy Kimmel announced on his late-night show to America that he does not wear a toupee. So, what was the big deal? Why do people create rumors and hurt everyone? He denied the rumors, and he does not wear a toupee nor dye his hair.

How to Handle a Toupee? 

Toupees are designed to cover a specific area of the head. Covered hair with a scarf or cap Is not the best solution for life, but a hair replacement system like natural hair toupee is attached on top of the head near the ear sides with a low to no visibility base, which appears as strong, solid color and hides thin hairs that look like hair that is falling out. It is styled to cover that natural look, and the hairline in the front of a toupee almost looks real and too perfect.

In Hollywood today, hair transplantation is very common, especially for male actors who suffer from complete baldness or loss in the crown of the head. They prefer to choose a wig/hairpiece to cover quickly and simply without wasting time and lots of money. 

Benefits of Natural Hair Toupee 

  • ●The biggest, most obvious advantage is that it covers up the fact that you’re balding. 
  • ●A good quality toupee tends to look quite natural. 
  • ●Offer to be typically cut and styled to match your hair and design. 
  • ●A high-quality wig can offer the appearance of a full head of hair.


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