Does Greg Jarrett wear a toupee?

February 17, 2022 LaVivid News Views: 5566

Before getting into the details about Gregg Jarett’s toupee let’s get to know who he is. He is a well-known American news commentator and author. He worked at local NBC and ABC TV for almost 10 years. In 2002, he joined fox news and made his name. He is mostly known for his pro-trump commentary and the criticism he did in the 2016 U.S. election. In 2018, he published the book The Russian Hoax.  This book was about Hillary Clinton's deep state collaboration in the government. This was one of the best seller books on amazon and the New York’s Times. In a review, Carlos Lozada described the book as a trump hagiography. It was pointed out by Politick that the claims in Jarrett's book were false and misleading.

Greg Jarrett was born on 7 April and is 66 years old. He graduated from Claremont men’s college. He is currently married to Catherine Kennedy Anderson and has gained so much fame in his career. He has also worked as a co-anchor with Heather Childers and also works as a substitute anchor for America's newsroom.  

Gossips about Greg Jarret 

Many people pointed out that Greg Jarret wears a toupee and in one of his tweets he thanked the person who wrote that the beautiful wigs he wears are not fake. He is a well knows news person and the public is always looking up to him. Every detail is detected by the people who are looking up to famous people.

In 2014, Gregg Jarret was arrested at a Minneapolis-St. Paul airport bar because he was fueled by drugs and vodka. He admitted that he was drunk and was taken into custody. Once, he got into a confrontational argument with the police and repeatedly screamed until the police cuffed him. He was kept in jail until 1:30 am and was released on a $300 bond.  He was unable to answer the questions of the officers and was mentally agitated. Evidence revealed that he was released from rehab.

He is one of the problematic anchors and commentators and that’s why he is always on the hit list. The public loves to watch drama and his work attracts the general public. Many people paid attention to his hair and said that it was not his natural hair but a wig but he never responded to it. Only a few tweet replies were noticed where he thanked people who said that his toupees are not fake. Though it's his choice to wear it or not but the general public likes to know what is going through in the life of a celebrity. All of the famous personalities are no less than the celebrities to whom people look up for their sense of style and fashion. He has been in the spotlight many times during his career and he needs to concentrate on every detail so that he stays on the safe side.

Bottom line

Gregg Jarret is a famous yet problematic news anchor and commentator. He is also a well-known author and is a successful person in his career. Netizens are so much interested in the minor details of famous personalities that the celebrities need to be careful and perfect all the time. A small fault or error can lead to severe consequences leading to the destruction of one’s career. His drug case also proved a downhill for his career. It was revealed that he was in rehab and he was not mentally so well. People commented on his toupee many times but he never admitted to it openly.  


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