Does Dallas Roberts wear a hairpiece?

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If you are a follower or fan of famous personalities like celebrities, businessmen, or politicians then you often came across personality-related questions about these personalities. In today’s world, people are very concerned about their favorite personalities. The followers keenly observe each and everything of famous public figures. People do not feel shame to point out any problem or change in someone’s physical appearance. That’s why we mostly hear many rumors about famous ones, no matter whether these rumors are true or not but we hear them. Dallas Roberts is facing this situation nowadays. People are saying that he wears a hairpiece. And has raised many questions related to the authenticity of his hair.

In this article, we will try to clarify whether he wears a hairpiece or not.

Dallas Mark Roberts 

He is an American actor. If you have watched the 3rd season of ‘The Walking Dead’ then you must have known him because he is very famous for his role as Milton Mamet in it. Dallas Roberts graduated in 1994 as a member of the Dramas Division Group. He started his work in New York in 1994 after completing his graduation. Since 1994, he is still working in Film Industry. In New York City, he appeared in theatrical productions regularly. He has also worked in a reprise of Lanford Wilson’s Burn This and, in Caryl Churchill’s A Number off-broadway. For working in the revival of Lanford Wilson’s Burn This, he was nominated for a Drama Desk Award. A Home at the End of the World, a cinematic version of Michael Cunningham's novel, is among Roberts' film credits. Dallas Roberts also played supporting roles in movies like The Notorious Bettie Page, Walk The Line, etc. in the series Rubicon, he worked as Miles Fiedler playing the role of a genius intelligence analyst. Dallas Roberts regularly played a role in The L Word which is a showtime drama. As a scientist, Milton Mamet who studies zombies worked in the series The Walking Dead from August 2012 to March 2013.  His role in this series causes him to reach the heights of success and fame. He worked in many films and played a lot of roles. Dallas Roberts also played the role of a gay in twelve episodes of The Good Wife. He started to appear in movies in 1995 by working in Law and Order. He appeared in many films like The Factory, Heartstrings, American Rust, etc. His latest movie is the Big Sky. Dallas Roberts, also worked in Insatiable which is a Netflix Comedy. He is 51 years old and still working in the film industry. Being an actor, he maintained himself in a very good manner. In this materialistic world, looks matter, so actors transform themselves according to the need of the day. Nowadays, a few rumors are spreading about his hair, let’s see what are these and what’s the truth behind them.  

Dallas Roberts and his Hairpiece

People are murmuring about Dallas Robert’s hair. He is 51 years old but still, he has good quality hair which makes people think about it. Although it’s not very old age, many males start facing male pattern baldness from this age. In the case of  Dallas Roberts, there are no signs of male pattern baldness even though his hair is of very good quality. People can’t stand it and started gossiping about his hair. According to people, he wears a hairpiece to mask his hair loss. There are also chances that he has a hair transplant which results in nice and sleek hair. When we look closer at his picture, it doesn’t look like he is wearing a hairpiece. Because when someone wears a hairpiece, it doesn’t look natural no matter how hard they tried to hide it. So, we can say that he does not wear a hairpiece. On the other side, there might be chances of hair transplant. In the film industry, he has to appear on television. People are very concerned about the looks of actors and good looks matter the most. As an actor to have good looks or to look perfect in his movies, maybe he has some hair treatment or hair transplant. When the public demand good looks and a perfectly portrayed actor then there are chances for actors to go through these type of things and look perfect. So, maybe that’s the case with Dallas Roberts too. The public has never asked directly to Dallas Roberts about his hair neither he has said anything about it.  There are not so many rumors about his hair but are only a few. So, we can say these few rumors do not seem real and are the result of poor observation of some people. According to some news, Dallas Roberts wore a bald cap in the comedy show. In the show, in instances where his character Bob Armstrong is seen putting on or removing his toupee. But that’s a bald cap which he has to wear because of the need of the character. There is no confirmation of him wearing a hairpiece in his real life and also his hair does not look like a hairpiece. His hair looks natural. Maybe he has some hair treatments like protein or keratin treatment which makes his hair look even good. 


Dallas Roberts, being an American actor is very famous for his roles in many TV series and films. Some people in public talked about his hair and said that he is wearing a hairpiece. These rumors can be the result of poor observation of some people. His hair also doesn’t look like a hair transplant. There are chances of some hair treatments which have resulted in nice and sleek hair. So, we can say that these are false rumors because there is no proof of him wearing a hairpiece. Dallas Roberts also never said or confirmed anything about his hair. According to all the above information, it can be said that he might have natural hair and he doesn’t wear a hairpiece.   


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