Do the Hair Systems Before and After Results Make Them Worth the Buy?

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Hair loss, thinning, and early-age balding are becoming more common in men than we'd like to believe. While genetics are a significant cause of this, our stress-filled and fast-paced life doesn't help improve the condition either.

As a result of the thinning and balding many men lose the confidence they possessed before. To ensure this doesn't happen and everyone feels beautiful in their own way, the best bet is to use an excellent hair system when you encounter such a condition.

Hair systems - better known as a toupee in men, is a partial wig made from natural or synthetic hair. These wigs help men cover bald spots or ensure that their thinning hair gains immense volume while elevating their overlook. If you are considering wearing a hair system but are confused about whether the hair system's before and after comparisons would be worth it, then read the benefits below.

Why Wearing a Hair System is Beneficial for You?

Many people feel unconfident with their balding scalp; however, when suggested to wear a toupee or hair system, they decline it too. This is because, for many people, there is a certain level of shame associated with wearing pretense hair, or many believe these wigs aren't worth the buy.

If you are someone in the same boat, then the benefits below will help you understand why these wigs might be the best investments you can make.

1. Instant Results with Instant Hair

While getting a hair transplant surgery or taking prescribed medication to ensure the re-growth of your hair, you have to wait persistently, as these don't provide instant results.

Hence, while one can always take up the hair transplant option, wearing a hair system for instant results is preferable.

This is because a transplant will take at least one year to show beneficial results and still won't show a full head of hair. Wearing a toupee, on the other hand, will provide instant hair systems before and after results and even help you hide your bald spots if surgery isn't an option.

2. Reversible and Non-Permanent

The best part about hair systems is that they are non-permanent and can be reversed. 

These wigs can be worn to test the hair systems before and after results and determine whether buying a particular pair would benefit the wearer. Moreover, those who've gotten surgery can wear the toupee until their natural hair comes out.

Even if the bald spots don't bother some people, they want to test a hair system to check how they look; with its non-permanent quality, this is always a great option.

3. No Side Effects Compared to Prescribed Medicines

Medications are an effective way of regaining lost hair. While the results they show are proven beneficial, there is no denying that these medications come with long term side-effects.

Some people who consume prescribed medication for hair loss start experiencing lower sex drive, brain fog, and several other problems. Hence, many leave the medications mid-way. Studies have shown that a small percentage experiences these drawbacks despite leaving the medication. This makes many people hesitant to consume the pills.

The hair systems, however, do not carry any such drawbacks. If you are someone who doesn't want to take up medication, and a hair system intrigues you, then we suggest you give it a try. The hair systems before and after benefits would convince you why wearing it would be worth it.

4. Extremely Affordable

The lost hair can be a significant confidence loss in men. However, with surgeries and medication costly in most parts of the world, there isn't much they can do to improve their condition.

The hair systems come as a blessing in such situations. Not only are most hair systems of excellent quality, but their natural look gives a great appearance when worn on the head.

These wigs are affordable, and when compared, to the hair systems before and after the results of surgery, this is something you should gravitate towards.

5. Massive Confidence Booster

The hair systems before and after comparison become evident once you use them. These hair systems will be a significant confidence boost for men. Not only will they have a fuzzy head again, but they will start looking younger than they are.

With such positive changes, one is bound to receive fantastic compliments that will be a significant confidence booster for many.

Will People Know These Aren't Your Real Hair?

One of the biggest concerns for many people is that will people get to know that you are wearing a hair system.

The answer to this question truthfully depends on the quality of the hair system you invest in. High-quality hair systems come off as natural and, when applied, do not give a hint of fakeness.

The application in this regard matters a lot too. Toupees or another hair system applied with finesse would sit flat on the scalp and corners of the head, giving no hints of whether it is artificial hair you are wearing or not.

Hence, while people finding out your hair aren't natural isn't anything shameful, to prevent this, we suggest you invest in high-quality products only. LaVivid will is your best bet, providing excellent quality hair systems, and ensuring to give a flawless natural look.

Would Your Hair System Fall Off?

One of the most significant worries people have before they start wearing a hair system is whether it will fall off. The answer is no; it won't. Hair systems are designed in a way that once worn; fits nicely on your head.

The idea of your hair system falling out is mortifying in public; however, we assure you that a good quality hair system never falls off, leaving that anxiety behind you.


Wearing hair systems to check the fantastic hair systems before and after results is a great option, given its non-permanent technology. However, apart from just this, it provides many other benefits.

If this article helped you understand the essential guide to why a hair system might benefit you, then check out LaVivid Hair to discover their unique hair systems collection and find one for you!


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