Did Frank Sinatra Wear a Toupee?

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Many people have issues with their hair, so hair toppers might just be the perfect solution for hair loss, hair thinning, baldness and hair patches. It's an essential need if you belong to the film industry. Hair Toupee is a helpful tool that is well-known to people nowadays.

It's a quick way to conceal hair thinning without helping hair stylishness. You can use them every day. Many television stars prefer to wear a wig if anyone has hair thinning problems. So, this article will explain one of the most familiar personalities, why he uses a hair toupee, and how he confidently declares about this secret. 

Here we Below we will discuss Frank Sinatra: 

Frank Sinatra was a legendary entertainer who died in May 1998 at the age of 82. It’s probably safe to say that when he did it his way, he did it while wearing a toupee.  

Who is Frank Sinatra? 

Francis Albert Sinatra was born on 12 Dec 1915 in Hoboken, New Jersey, the U.S. He was the most popular singer and actor. His nickname was "Chairman of the Board". Frank was considered one of the most popular entertainers from the 1940s to the 1960s. Frank's best music is selling records and has sold an estimated 150 million records. In 1943, Frank succeeded as a solo artist after signing with Columbia Records. In 1946 his music album released " The Voice of Frank Sinatra."  


A teenager, Sinatra decided to become a singer when he realised he was interested in acting and singing. He'd already been a glee club member in his high school and began singing at local nightclubs. 

He retired for the first time in 1971 and came out of retirement two years later. Frank was also involved in several albums and resumed performing at Caesars Palace. In 1980, He was part of  "New York, New York". Before his death in 1998, he held home-based shows Using his Las Vegas and toured both within the United States and internationally.

Sinatra became a famous film actor worldwide in a short time and won several Academy Awards. From 1949 to 1957, He also appeared in many musicals such as On the Town Guys and Dolls, High Society and Pal Joey, winning another Golden Globe for the lattermost. 

Toward the end of his career, he also played a detective role in Tony Rome in 1967. He also held the show CBS in 1950 and continued to make appearances on television throughout the 1950s and 1960s. Sinatra also had an interest in politics and was involved from the mid-1940s and actively campaigned for presidents such as 

Frank Sinatra released many albums, including one of the first "concept albums' ', from 1956 to 1960, including 

  • ●In the Wee Small Hours 
  • ●Songs for Swingin' Lovers 
  • ●Come Fly with Me
  • ●The Lonely
  • ●No One Cares 
  • ●Nice 'n' Easy

Personal Life 

Sinatra had many extramarital affairs, and gossip magazines published details after any rumour, including Marilyn Maxwell, Lana Turner and Joi Lansing. But Sinatra married a sober woman, and he had three children, Nancy Frank Jr. and Tina, with his first wife. 

In 1951 he was married to Hollywood actress Ava Gardner. But that was no longer, and they formally announced their separation on October 29, 1953. After this, Sinatra got engaged to Lauren Bacall in 1958. He married Mia Farrow on July 19, 1966, a short marriage that ended with divorce in 1968. 

In the end, he got a sensible life partner and married Barbara Marx from 1976 until his death. The couple had three children. He lived a beautiful life with their wife and children and continued his acting career. He died as a practising Catholic and had a Catholic burial on May 14, 1998, in Los Angeles, California. 

Does Frank Sinatra Wear A Toupee?

Yes, he openly admitted he wore a toupee for most of his life after his hair began thinning early in his career.

Why did Frank Sinatra Start Wearing a Toupee?

When Sinatra reached his 40s, he started to thin. Not so coincidentally, it was an exceptionally stressful time for him. He was a top singing star and film star. He faced difficulty getting prestigious concert gigs in large theatres like the Paramount. 

After a breakup with television actress Ava Gardner and getting a divorce from his wife, The Box Office closed the contract with him. He again started with new radio and television series that were unsuccessful. He owed several hundred thousand dollars to the IRS in unpaid back taxes. 

After all that, Frank Sinatra was very disturbed and thought about why he couldn't even sing. This tension and troubled timescape caused him to start to lose his hair. And after some time, he realised that being visibly balding. That's why Sinatra began wearing a hairpiece at that time.

He was careful about his Hairpiece and didn't allow himself to be photographed without a hat or wig. It's difficult to say how he got baldness and hair thinning issues, and significantly his hairline had merely receded. However, in 1965 time magazine Sinatra was photographed without a hat and towel and certainly looked like skin to me, and not hair. 

According to frank friends, he had uncompromising standards about how he looked. He wore impeccable suits, kept strict hygiene routines, and ensured his hair stayed neat and ideally in position. As his hair started to thin, he began to wear a toupee. He had vast multiple colours and style variety of hairpieces at home, but he wanted to ensure he had extras on hand. He is very conscious about his hair accessories even though he hired a woman to carry his hairpieces around with her, hauling roughly 30 of his hairpieces in a bag, just in case. For this job, Sinatra paid a handsome amount.


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