Collaboration Opportunities LaVivid Hair Provides to Salons and Hairstylists

March 12, 2020 LaVivid News Views: 2062

To make a men’s hair system look natural and undetectable, it is extremely important to have a professional hairstylist to install and style the hair for you. The key to make the hair system look just like your own hair is that to blend the hair system to your own hair seamlessly.

However, for some people, it is not very easy to find a salon or hairstylist who can install and style hair systems. One of our customers told us that he made more than 20 calls to salons in his area and none of them can apply hair systems.

Here at LaVivid, we not only sell hair systems, we also provide a solution because we want our customers can look good with a hair system.

We provide many collaboration opportunities with salons and hairstylists and here they are:

  1.     Wholesale Men’s Hair Systems

LaVivid Hair has its own factory and our factory has more than 20 years experience in the hair industry. So we can provide the most competitive wholesale price on the market for the same quality hair. There are many hair system factories out there, but the hair material, base material and even techniques they use are totally different.

See the comparison picture below? The one on the left is produced by LaVivid Hair and the one on the right is from other factories. From the appearance, they looks alike. But take a good look at the lace part. The one on the left is apparently more transparent and the one on the right is very dull looking.

On the market, for a lace material, take French lace as example, there is true French lace and fake French Lace. Some factories use fake lace in order to sell cheaper but in the long run, they will lose customers eventually.

lavivid hair system

2.    Free Tryout

At LaVivid, we offer a free tryout opportunity to salons and hairstylists. In return, we only need a demonstration video and a before-and-after picture. So salons and hairstylist can use the product and check on the quality, etc to decide whether they use LaVivid hair systems.

lavivid hair system before and after

3.     Hair System Training

We are in the process of preparing our hair system training both online and offline and hopefully we can launch our training program officially in the 3rd season of 2020.

 4.     Free Advertising for Salons and Hairstylists

For certified hair system hairstylists and salons, LaVivid hair will list your information on our website. We have thousands of people flows on our website everyday, and if they are looking for a salon to get the hair system fit in and styled, they can find your information on our website and contact you for a cut in service.

salon feedback

This is how Medusa salon says about LaVivid Hair System.

LaVivid hair wants to create a win-win partnering relationship with salons and hairstylists. If you are interested in men's hair system and plan to try to open men's hair pieces service, please don't hesitate. Contact and join us now. we are really looking forward to cooperating with you guys.


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