How to Choose And Use Cheap Lace Hair System?

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Where to buy a cheap lace hair system? How attach it to your head? Confused about these problems? We give your answers in the following article which will introduce some nice products and tips on application. 

For the hair system is attached to your scalp, a cheap one always brings such problems as itching and discomfort. The reasonable price of the lace hair ranges from 150 US dollars to the above. On Aliexpress, the cheapest lace toupee costs no less than one hundred dollars. On Amazon, the cheapest one not the lace type only costs 20 dollars. However, looking as you can imagine is not that good. 

The lace hair system features lightweight, breathable quality, and natural transition of the hairline. It can perfectly meet the demands of people who live in a warm climate and sweat a lot. Here we introduce some lace hair systems at reasonable and affordable prices from lavividhair which is a reliable online store specialized in providing hair products. 

·Atlas Men's Real Hair Toupee

You can spend no more than $300 to buy this good-quality toupee. The center is made of French lace with thin PU skin on each part and back. It is not only soft, light, and comfortable to wear but durable to last for quite a long time. The hair type is Indian Remy Human Hair. The hair looks thick and straight. If it is too large for you, you can cut it into a suitable size. 

·Harry Lace Hair System for Men

The product is cost-effective at the price of $271. It may seem a bit large, but you can into a proper side that fits you. The combination of lace and poly has a better effect in preventing the toupee from sliding off your head whether you have an oily scalp or not. Besides, it is easier to remove glue or tape remnant from a poly base than a lace one. It can be said that the product utilizes the advantages of lace and poly. 

The hair density is just right, it will be too thick or too thin. The original hairstyle is a bit curly but you can change it into any trendy hairstyle as you like with ease.


·Hades Hair Unit for Men Online

The price of this hair toupee is $306. You can trust its durability and strength since Hades has provided the strongest lace. With 120% hair density, the hair toupee is still light and airy. Due to its quality, it can last six to nine months. The base is made of full German lace. The bleaching knots hide well inside the layer, so the lace toupee is just like your real hair. You can keep the slightly wavy hairstyle or straighten it. 

Though the price of these products is not that cheap, it can guarantee that you can get a premium-quality product at the most cost-effective price. For Lavividhair is an early established firm, you can trust its shipping speed, product quality, and customer service. 

If you still find the price is too high for you. You can also customize a lace toupee by contacting the company which will offer a wide range of choices that meet your budget. A cheap lace hair system, of course, can also be manufactured according to your demands. Remember to purchase the hair toupee that matches well with your current hair. 

After getting the lace hair system you want, how to attach it to your head? Here are the steps.

Step 1

If you have some hair remaining on the head top, you can shave them clean so that the toupee system can be better attached to your head. Make sure that your head is dried and clean. 

Step 2

To make the toupee system well fit with your real hair, you need to trim your rest hair. The well-trimmed hair of each side combined with a nice toupee on the top can never be spotted by others. 

Step 3

Wash your scalp. Make sure that some invisible dirt and oil are washed off from your head. Otherwise, it may affect the effects of gluing the toupee to your head. 

Step 4

Cut the lace toupee base into a suitable size and apply it and apply some adhesive on the front hairline. 

Step 5

After finishing all the steps above, you can cut and style the new cheap lace hair system just like your real hair. 

To conclude, we have introduced some lace toupee systems at reasonable prices from Lavividhair to you. We hope the tips about how to attach the lace toupee can be helpful to you. Thank you for finishing the article. 


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