If Vitamin B Has An Effect on Hair Loss? Here Is The Answer

June 09, 2021 Blog Views: 2565

Can vitamin b help with hair loss? Hair loss has become a problem that many people are concern with today. In this article, we will tell you whether vitamins matters in terms of hair regrowth and how to supplement these elements.

Sometimes the deficiency of certain elements inside our bodies will result in a hair loss problem. For instance, the lack of enough vitamin D in one’s body system, particularly for females will lead to hair fall. The easiest way to solve the problem is to supplement vitamin D by eating certain food and vitamin supplements or being exposed to sunlight every day. 

Then, how about vitamin b? Can vitamin b help with hair loss? Many elements are related to hair growth. We will introduce some vitamins that may help you to regrow hair and maintain the health of hair. 

Vitamin D

Researches have found a link between the low level of vitamin d and alopecia areata. The people do not have enough such vitamin in their body suffer severe symptoms of hair loss. However, another study did not find strong evidence suggesting that vitamin d has the function of promoting hair growth. Therefore, to ascertain the relationship between the deficiency of the vitamin and the condition of hair fall needs more researches. 

No matter what kind of relationship it is, vitamin D is an important element good for our health. You can get the element from the following approaches. Eating foods that contain abundant vitamin d can do great help like fish, mushrooms, fortified milk, and orange juice. 

Being exposed to the sun is also essential. You do not have to stay under the sunlight for a long time for that may damage your skin. You can apply some skin protectors and get exposure to the sun for ten more minutes a day. Taking vitamin d supplements is the most direct way. However, taking doses containing a high level of vitamin d may cause toxicity. You should take the supplements under the instructions of doctors. 

B vitamins

B vitamins are closely related to metabolism. They are also significant to nervous system function. The lack of vitamin b also leads to many health problems. Though many influential beauty bloggers are saying that B vitamins like vitamin b12 can help the growth of hair. So far, however, no researches confirm this idea. They did not yet find a strong connection between b complex vitamins and hair growth. 

The so-called b complex vitamins include B1, B2, B3, B5, B7, B9, and B12. Of course, you can take in these elements by eating supplements. The most healthy way is, still, to live a balanced diet. Eating food containing an abundance of these elements is better such as whole grains, beans and legumes, nuts, and fish.

Vitamin b cannot be stored in our bodies for it is soluble in water. Therefore, we need to consume food containing such elements daily. When we get older, we will lose vitamin b in our bodies. It is very necessary to maintain the level of it. Also, getting pregnant or taking certain medications can contribute to the lower level of b vitamins. 

Vitamin E

According to research conducted, people having the problem of hair loss have a low level of vitamin E. However, still, no research can confirm the connection between the deficiency of this element and hair fall. But we still need to take vitamin e in our daily life. 

Other vitamins may be linked with the problem of losing hair. However, little research has been conducted to ascertain their relationships. But those vitamins are all important elements that may influence our health. 

Apart from eating a balanced diet, you should also live in a good mood. Emotional conditions will also affect one’s body system. Release stress and be positive about life, which can also be useful to reduce the frequency of falling hair. 


We have listed several essential vitamins that may help with hair growth. But as for the question “can vitamin b help with hair loss”, we cannot give you a definitive answer since there have not enough researches can prove that. Even though they cannot help with hair growth, we should still attach importance to them for they are key to our health.



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