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Noticing that your hair density is decreasing? More of your scalp showing through? There could be many reasons that could be the cause of your hair loss. But the most common condition that is determined to be the cause of hair loss in men is called androgenic alopecia. Another more commonly used name for this condition is called male pattern baldness. Depending on genetics, this condition could trigger at any point in a man’s life. It initially starts with the hair getting thinner at the crown and the temples. While the baldness is not sudden, it might take anywhere from 5-25 years for a person to go completely bald. Unfortunately, for now, there is no cure for male pattern baldness, but there is men’s thin hair treatment that can play a significant role in giving your hair a healthier look. There are products that you can use, take medicines or adopt some lifestyle changes.

On a more positive note, while it is incurable, it can still be slowed down or covered up quite easily with some effort and goodwill.

Diagnosing Male Pattern Baldness


Since pattern baldness is a genetic condition, people who are at risk must take regular actions to check their hair conditions. Catching a problem early on will not only help you delay it but also find the best solution for you to deal with. There are some symptoms that men should look out for if there’s an expectation of suffering from androgenic alopecia.

1. Hairline gradually receding

This is perhaps the most noticeable symptom of hair loss. At first, it's unnoticeable, with hair thinning out at the temples or getting lighter in the front. Until it's not, and suddenly it's very noticeable. If left unchecked and uncared for, it recedes significantly, leaving a deeply dented M shape on your forehead.

2. Balding spot at the crown of your head

Over time you will start noticing that your once dense hair is getting thinner by the day. The scalp that barely used to show is now very easily visible through gaping patterns on the crown. The crown is the first area where your hair starts to thin out. A well-known men’s thinning hair treatment is using hair growth oils and massaging them into your scalp to keep them dense and healthy.  

3. Styling your hair is getting harder.

If you're having more trouble than normal in making your hair maintain its shape throughout the day, this is a very obvious sign that your hair is getting thinner. When the hair starts losing its density, it, of course, gets harder to style it the way you've always had. As hair get's lighter, it sits differently on the head.

4. Noticing shedding hair

While ordinary people shed hair on a regular basis, finding clumps of shedding hair in your shower or your pillowcase is in no way normal. Keep your drains, combs, and sheets in regular checks to estimate your hair fall conditions. 

5. Getting sunburned easily

When your hair is thick and dense, there are fewer chances for your scalp to get sunburned. The hair protects the skin on your scalp from ultraviolet rays that are harmful to the skin. A common but non-known sign of significant hair loss is frequent suburbs n the scalp. As your hair gets thinner, more and more of your scalp is exposed to the sun rays; if you notice this change, this is an obvious sign that your hair is thinning,

Choose The Best Product to Cover Up Your Baldness


Unfortunately, there is no cure for baldness. The process can only be slowed down, but that comes with its risk factors and complications. A better option that helps deal with a balding head is to cover it up with a wig or toupee.

There are thousands of options available in the market when it comes to hair replacement systems. They are the best for men’s thin hair treatment. Often it's hard to decide as to what you want to buy in terms of fiber bases and types. We can help you secure the best hairpiece for you. Some characteristics determine whether the hair system is worth it or not.

1. Blends in naturally

The most important feature of a good men’s toupee is that it blends seamlessly. It needs to look as natural as possible to provide you with a good look. Everything from the membrane base to the hair texture and color needs to be to your liking and a match to your natural hair. 

2. Comfort while wearing

The hairpiece needs to be comfortable on the scalp and sit firmly. Any discomfort or uneasiness will become a hindrance in your day to day tasks.

While there are some cons to wearing a headpiece, the pros far outweigh them.

1. Instantaneous Results

Unlike medications or invasive surgeries that might take up to a year to show any results. With a hairpiece, the results are instant. You just decide on a hairpiece and order it. Once you've received it, you can easily put it on and have an amazing hairstyle. 

2. Cost friendly

A hair system, no matter how fancy, is always going to be cheaper than a hair transplant. Along with many risks of infections and failures, these medications and procedures tend to be incredibly expensive. While a hair system needs proper taking care of, they are still replaceable. 

We offer the best hairpieces at lavivid. You get the best quality customization according to your liking and get them at a good price!


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