How Do Beginners Choose the Best Hair System?

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Hairloss has caused many problems over the years. It can make you look older than you are, lose your youthfulness, make you appear unhealthy, and even lower your self-confidence.

Research analytics state that most hair loss symptoms occur after 20 and can be pretty damaging to self-esteem. Many people have confessed to spiraling and trying out many different products rapidly and giving up on their hair. By the age of 40, more than 60% of the men have a balding spot and a nicely receded hairline. While people do accept hair loss after some time, they still are pretty conscious about it and try to either cover it up by trying out different hairstyles or taking some medication.

We have an amazing solution that is pretty popular among the younger generation, and that is hair replacement systems. 

What is A Hair Replacement System 

A hair system is essentially a non-surgical and semi-permanent hair transplant. It has a base made from specific material which is attached to your scalp using special adhesives. Forming a strong membrane from the base to the scalp Human or synthetic hair is inserted in the fake membrane, customized to match existing hair characteristics. The transparent membrane allows the underlying scalp to be seen, giving the partings and crown a natural appearance. Modern procedures use hypoallergenic, transparent medical adhesives to adhere the device to the scalp. It's a painless and non-intrusive procedure. The porous membrane also allows the epidermis to breathe. Every four weeks, hair replacement systems must be removed and washed. Any existing scalp hair must be reblended before reattaching to ensure proper integration. Hair systems come in various shapes and forms. But often, they can be hard to install and confusing for beginners or first-time users. 

Best Tip People Who Are Just Starting In The World Of Hair systems 

Delving into the world of a hair system can get very overwhelming, very fast. There are more than 100 different variants of just the base and hair type regarding attachment methods to more intricate details and technicalities. Moreover, hair systems are often a bit pricey, and on top of that, going to a hair salon or a specialist can cost a dime. In those cases, a pre-cut men’s hair system can be very helpful since it barely requires any expertise.

Choosing a ready-to-wear hair replacement device does not mean sacrificing your hair's appearance, feel, or consistency. In reality, every ready-to-wear men's hair system is designed and manufactured to the same high-quality standards as our custom hair systems.

There is a huge variety of styles to choose from. If you're a bit too specific and you can't find a hairstyle that is just perfect for you, you can even get it cut and customized to your liking. Even then, it will cost you less than getting it installed at the hair salon. That way, a pre-cut men’s hair system saves you time and money while gaining a lot of experience! 

How To Decide On A Pre Cut Hair System 

Just like a regular hairpiece, you will have to be extra specific when purchasing your hair systems.  Pre-cut hair pieces cannot be altered since they are pre-styles and of the required length. While they are very convenient to use and easy to install, you don't have the option to cut or style it using heat tools since it will be customized for a specific hairstyle. Make sure to read over and place the right order by going over these aspects; 


The most important thing in pre-cut hair systems is the length. People are specific about their hair length, which cannot be altered, especially if it's shorter than you want. Be careful about your preference and what you order. 

Frontal direction

The frontal base can have the hair going in either forward or backward direction. Once done, the direction of the hair cannot be changed. Take note of how your natural hair falls or how you usually wear and style your hair. 


Men's hair can be styled in many different and creative ways but can sometimes appear the same to an inexperienced eye. Learn a bit about how you style your hair and use the correct terms or pictures when getting your own pre-styled hair system. In the pre-cut men's hair system, the most alteration you can do is use a product to set your hair and nothing else. So make sure that the hairstyle you order is something you are comfortable with. 

Visual aspects

The visual aspects such as density, color, and texture will matter a lot when it comes to the hair system appearing natural. If you choose a very dense hair system at the age of 45, it is going to appear very unnatural; similarly, if you choose a hair texture that does not match your personality, it will be a dead giveaway that it's fake. Make sure to go over the visual aspects more than once before making the purchase. 

By going over these aspects, you can ensure that you will find a perfect hair system for your liking. 

If you want your own perfectly styled hair system, visit our online store at You can also get your pre-cut hair piece altered or styled before shipping. 


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