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Male pattern baldness is a hair condition that causes damage to the hair follicles and the hair to fall out over time. The condition has transferred through genetics and can occur at any stage of life after puberty. Most men suffer from male pattern baldness after the age of 30. Some unfortunate young men can have their condition triggered at quite a young age. This can cause some mental side effects due to the deteriorating character image in young men.

While people should know that hair loss is completely natural and does not make you undesirable, it can be hard to accept for people who are going through it. A very practical way to recover from the self-worth issues and the hair loss condition itself is men's hair replacement systems. 

Hair Systems for Men 

Wigs or toupees have been the perfect solution for hair loss for over a decade. Constant research and new developments have caused the product to skyrocket not only in the medical but also in the fashion industry. Hairpieces are wigs or toupees that appear extremely natural and are undetectable to the naked eye. 

There are many ways to wear a hair system. From practicing yourself to looking yop professional toupee hair stylists near me", there are a ton of options to make the product as easy to wear as possible. Some actual stylists are experts in only hair systems and how to style them. If you seek help from a stylist or learn how to attach and style them yourself, it can serve you with some amazing looks and styles.

How to achieve a perfect look with hairpieces 

Just having a toupee installed or wearing a hairpiece is not enough. You need to be able to style it properly to appear natural and blended. If you're wearing partial hairpieces, then you need to ensure that the fake hair blends perfectly with the natural hair. How your hair is styled depends highly on how your system is attached. You can also have the most amazing hairstyles by getting professional help, just look up a professional toupee hair stylist near me and go to your nearest hair salon.

Moreover, using the proper products that are recommended can do wonders for your hairstyles. From cleaning and washing to styling products, all are available in a huge variety. Either learn to style your hairpieces with the help of some tutorials or perhaps a stylist friend, or seek professional help to get your hair styled. 

A quick guide on the process of attaching a hair system 

A hair system cannot be styled properly if the attachment method isn't perfected. The hair might come loose, or the wig might look uneven. Not only that but a wig, no matter how expensive and soft, won't be comfortable or look good if it is not attached firmly and properly molded against the shape of your skull. Make sure that you are doing it right. If you are inexperienced or are just starting in the world of hair systems, try seeking professional help by searching for professional toupee hair stylists near me.

Here are the two most common methods of installing long-term hairpieces in detail. 

Liquid adhesive 

Liquid hairpiece adhesives, also known as bonding adhesives, are available in silicone and water-based formulations. Silicone-based formulations are common because they are stickier, which allows for a better hair system bond. Both perimeter and complete head bonding can be done with liquid adhesives. Since and bonding adhesive is unique, it's critical to read and obey the directions that come with it to get the best results.

For people who plan on wearing the hair system for an extended period, this adhesive type is a great choice, with some adhesives providing waterproof bonds of up to four weeks! The bonding will include perimeter bonding, complete head bonding, and waterproof adhesives.

The most important details when installing a hair system with liquid adhesive are: 

● Ensure that the scalp and the hair base are free of any leftover adhesive residue. 

● Let the adhesive on for a bit until it gets tacky before applying the hair system. 

● Go in an affront to back direction to mimic the natural hair pattern. 

● Avid water for 24 hours after bonding to allow full curing and a firm bond to form. 

Double-sided tape adhesive

People use hairpiece tape if they want a simpler attachment and don't mind a shorter holding time. Some hairpiece tapes will keep your hairpiece in place for up to 21 days, making them suitable for long-term use of hair systems. Euro Flex tape has small holes along the tape's length that allow the scalp to breathe while keeping the hairpiece in place for 4 to 6 weeks. For extended-wear bonds, Supertape, Blue tape, or Max Adhesives Prodigy Tape are excellent choices.

Although hairpiece tape is simple to apply and ensures that your hairpiece is safe, bear in mind that removal will take longer because many tapes leave a gooey residue on the scalp.

Here is how it's done:

● Make a few small hairpiece tape parts. 

● Remove one sheet of tape and adhere it to the hairpiece's inside edges. 

● Remove the second layer of tape until you're satisfied with the placement. 

● To achieve a firm grip, place your hairpiece on your head and press down on the outer edges.

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