Have You Experienced Wearing A Toupee?

July 6, 2021

For so many Toupee wearers, this is a dreadful question that might leave you feeling uneasy if questioned and you’re off-guard. Toupees are an intricate part of your personality as hair seems to be a very desirable element in your entire appearance. With the help of New Toupees for men, you can say Goodbye to your insecurities with your hair loss and just vibe like you always have.

So, everyone should know that these Toupees for men aren’t just a solution to hide hair thinning, balding spots, or hair loss; they boost the confidence of so many people around the world! Like makeup boosts confidence for women.

On men, if applied and picked carefully, new human hair or synthetic toupees can appear extremely realistic, which is why you may be surprised when asked, “Is this is your actual hair?”

We’ll look at five alternative methods to react to the inquiry If you are wearing a Toupee? in order to aid you in conquering any anxiety you might have about these sorts of questions.

Now, if you think about it, How would you reply if someone is asking you if you are wearing a Toupee, hair replacements systems, or even a wig.

Obviously, it is “my” hair!

‘Is it your natural hair?’ If you get questioned, be confident in your response, comfortable in your skin, and proud of your wig. When people usually ask you about your hair and if you are wearing a hair replacement, they usually don’t mean to offend you, but it sometimes comes off in such a manner. ‘Yes, it’s really my hair, want some tips?’ say boldly.

It becomes yours when you buy something; a car, a smartphone, garments, and even your toupees or wigs are all examples. It did no grow on your head does not mean that it is not your hair. after all, you spent time choosing whether to go with a synthetic or human hair wig, the material you want, the sort of wig cap to use, the style, length, and color. It is truly a part of you, and be proud of your toupee since it makes you appear fantastic and, most importantly, feel amazing about yourself.

The question as to why they are wondering.

If the individual posing the question is a good friend or is a family member, you can ask about their reasons. Very likely, they believe your hair looks amazing, your toupee is fantastic, and looks very natural! They might have observed a notable change in your hairstyles or might even be astonished to learn that you’re wearing a hair replacement at all. Many people will be intrigued to learn that you’re wearing a toupee since it’s not a topic that’s frequently discussed (even though it most definitely should be), and they might even inquire about where you got it.

In case the person inquiring is a coworker or a stranger, you can choose the tone with which you question why they’re asking. You might joke about it and laugh it off, or you can be as straightforward as you like and explain that the person has asked a highly intimate question and you were not expecting it. And besides, the best way to learn anything is to discuss it openly.

Well, I am, and this is why.

When you feel secure enough to do so, based upon who has asked you such a sensitive question; whether it is a member of the family, a roommate, a coworker, or a stranger, one approach to react is to say sure and explain why you love it. Share how your toupee for men makes you feel and how much it helps you go through your day with confidence and assurance. Then again, you don’t have to explain the reasoning of your likings and decisions to them; it’s your hair, and you’re the one in charge.

Well, that really is a delicate subject…

Most people are unaware that questioning about a toupee or a wig is a highly sensitive or personal topic if someone is using a wig. This can be a sad reminder as to how you lost your hair, but it can also be an opportunity to look back on your different hairstyles experiences, which lead to this perfect-looking hair game you now have! Most strangers won’t be asking you this question in an attempt to offend you; they may simply be fascinated about toupee in general! They might think you rock it beautifully and want to recommend it to someone going through the same thing.

Rather than asking people if their hair is fake or real, which might come out as a negative and hurtful remark, we recommend that even if a drastic change is noticed, compliment their hair instead. Showing admiration for someone’s hair and asking questions like, how did you achieve that hairstyle? How does your hair look so perfect? How do you maintain your hair? It can really help them come out of their shell and be more comfortable with their hair choices.

It is important to acknowledge that after facing hair loss issues, getting yourself the perfect solution makes your hair look flawless. People will be interested. Like, who doesn’t want their hair looking perfect?

Here at Lavavid hair, you can find the biggest, most high-quality collection of new toupees for men. We also offer a free consultation to you if you don’t exactly know what to get yourself and where to start your hair replacement journey.