An Overall Guidelines of Hair Loss Treatment

June 28, 2021

I would like to provide you with hair loss treatment guidelines. Let’s see more details. For hair loss and baldness people, how to treat the embarrassing part, is a big question.

Everyone has the problem of hair loss more or less. Due to the psychological pressure brought by work, life, study, etc., it will lead to hair loss. Due to careless diet, and due to lack of exercise, it will also lead to hair loss. What should we do in the face of increasingly serious hair loss? Let’s talk about how to treat hair loss correctly.

1. Treatment of hair loss by the oil control

There is always a misconception that less hair will be lost if you wash your hair. Hair loss is not directly proportional to the number of hair washes. If there is more oil in your hair, fewer hair washes will cause the oil on your head to block the hair follicle pores and cause hair loss.

Therefore, patients who are easy to wash their hair should wash their hair more to get through the hair follicle pores and correctly treat hair loss through oil control.

2. Treat hair loss through diet

Diet is also very important for the correct treatment of hair loss. On the one hand, too much oil intake usually leads to a large amount of oil in the skin. If you don’t wash your hair in time, it will cause pore blockage and hair loss indirectly. On the other hand, kidney deficiency is also the cause of hair loss.

Therefore, it is also an effective way to treat hair loss correctly by eating kidney-tonifying foods such as leek, sesame, red beans, and dog meat.

3. Treat hair loss by massage

It is fun in this part of hair loss treatment guidelines. Head massage can promote blood circulation, open channels, and collaterals, promote hair follicle growth, prevent the original hair from falling off, and stimulate new hair growth.

The specific method is to comb back from the forehead with both hands open for 5 times, then comb from the left and right to the middle for 5 times at the same time, and finally comb from the back to the front for 5 times. Of course, the effect is better if accompanied by fingers tapping gently.

4. Treat hair loss with ginger

Ginger has the effects of inhibiting the growth of skin fungi and stimulating hair growth. Hair loss can be treated correctly with ginger. There are two methods for ginger using.

The first method is to wash ginger and slice it and wipe it repeatedly at alopecia areata to stimulate hair growth. The second method is to wash ginger and slice it with boiled water to wash your hair. In the process of washing, the scalp is fully soaked in ginger water to stimulate hair.

5. Treat hair loss with traditional Chinese medicine

Endocrine disorders are also the direct cause of hair loss. Patients can find Chinese medicine practitioners to make pulse diagnoses, prescribe the right medicine for their illness, and insist on eating or washing their heads according to the doctor’s advice.

It takes time to recuperate. Regular follow-up visits are very important. Doctors will adjust the dosage according to different periods, so they can’t rush to get results in the short term, and they can’t rush to the doctor. Chinese medicine treatment can also correctly treat hair loss.

6. Treatment of hair loss by decompression

Many people with alopecia are caused by external pressure, so patients should keep a good attitude to face everything, decompress themselves, distract themselves by listening to music, or concentrate on doing something they feel happy about by talking with others.

In short, they should try their best to reduce their mental pressure, to achieve the purpose of correctly treating alopecia.

7. Treating hair loss by injection

This is a method of treating hair loss by western medicine, which is faster than that by traditional Chinese medicine. It promotes hair follicle growth by subcutaneous injection of hair loss.

I think that the temporary solution is not a permanent cure, and this injection contains hormones, which is of course a correct method of treating hair loss.

Unfavorable things happen every day in life, and friends with serious hair loss must feel very depressed, especially girls, who feel bad for their image. However, hair loss has already occurred, so we must face it.

We should not find more psychological pressure on ourselves. We should believe that as long as the treatment method is correct, hair will grow sooner or later, and it is better to have a healthy mentality than anything else!

Believe me, these hair loss treatment guidelines are really useful for you all!