American Actor-John Aniston wear a hairpiece?

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You must be very familiar with the question of whether the hair on someone’s’ head is real or not as it is becoming more common in our society. In this materialistic world, everyone takes notice of someone’s appearance and all other materialistic things. The first noticeable thing in someone’s personality is his looks that lead to hair and dressing. Any change or extraordinary thing in someone’s personality makes people curious about them. 

When it comes to any famous person or celebrity then people show more concern for these things. John Aniston is facing this type of situation nowadays due to his hair.  His good hair at the age of 88 makes him odd. This has left people curious about the originality of his hair. There are many rumors about John Anthony Aniston’s hair. People who closely follow him assume that he might be wearing a wig and others support the idea of his original hair. So, in this article, we will see what the truth behind John Aniston’s hair is.

John Anthony Aniston

If you know Victor Kiriakis from the series Days of our lives then you must’ve been familiar with John Aniston. He is Greek Born American Actor. He is 88 years old. John Aniston is an actor and film producer. After completion of his graduation in theater arts, he provided his services to United States Navy forces. He was appointed as Navy Intelligence Officer for active duty in Panama. For his services in US Navy, he achieved the rank of lieutenant commander. As an actor, he entered the entertainment industry in 1962. From 1962 to till now he is active in the industry. He started his career from “New Man in the Precinct”. He became famous when he worked in Days of our lives. He joined Days of our lives two times and both times he worked very hard as an actor which led to his fame worldwide. He worked in many soaps and drama series. He started serving the entertainment industry in 1962 and he is still serving.  He won two Soap Opera Digest Awards for an outstanding actor in a leading role and as an outstanding villain. He was also nominated for Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor. John Aniston has appeared in many tv shows and series like  American Dreams, Combat, My Big Fat Greek Life, Star Trek: Voyager as a guest. As a celebrity, he remained in the news most of the time due to his performance and a lot of the public followed him. He is in the news again as there are rumors about his return in Days of our lives. His fans are very excited about his comeback. When anyone has this type of fame then they will remain in front of the eyes of the public. People notice everything from personal life to professional life. People are becoming suspicious of his hair. He has short grey hair. Although, like young ones, he has not had very good hair if we look at his young age. It seems like either he has some type of hairpiece or he goes for some hair treatments.  

John Aniston and his hair rumors

John Anniston is 88 years old but his good hair despite his old age makes people gossip about him. He is a celebrity and like other celebrities, he maintained himself from head to toe in a very good way. Although, he has not had voluminous hair or a head full of hair they are far better than the other male ones that are in the age of 88. Most people are bald at that age or have baldness in some areas of their heads. But this is not the case with John Aniston, there are no signs of baldness on his head. He doesn’t even have male pattern baldness. All of these things lead to many questions and assumptions in people’s minds. According to the public, he wears some kind of hairpiece to mask his old age. Here, the main factor is his age. At the very old age of 88, it seems odd to have hair like John Aniston. It is making people suspicious and they have started criticizing and pointing out these things. When we closely look at him or his head, it does not look like he is wearing a hairpiece. The pattern of his hair doesn’t seem like that of a hairpiece. But people’s curiosity is there, that what is the secret behind his hair in old age? Does he wear a hairpiece or wig? How does he manage to have good hair in the old age of 88? What’s the magic? What he has done with his hair? May he has some type of hair transplant, many famous personalities especially celebrities have undergone these types of treatments and procedures. John Aniston appeared in many tv shows and series, so to appear on-screen one has to maintain their personality’s every aspect. It is possible that to make him look good he had also undergone some kind of hair treatments or he still goes for hair treatments. There are also chances of hair transplant but that also seems impossible when we look at his hair pattern. There is no confirmation about all these rumors as John Aniston never talked about it. The public has never directly asked him these questions. Everyone has their opinion about John Aniston’s hair and according to their opinions, they are gossiping and spreading rumors. People are only gossiping and making assumptions depending upon their different approaches. 


As a celebrity John Aniston is in the eye of the public. He is in news again as there are chances of his return to the film industry. Now, People are criticizing him for his hair. To people, it seems impossible to have good hair at the age of 88. People thought that he wears a hairpiece. Some people also said that he goes for hair treatments which makes his hair look good at that age. Everyone is making assumptions according to their observations. But there is no confirmation as John Aniston himself never confirmed anything about his hair. So, there is nothing sure about all rumors.


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