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October 21, 2021 LaVivid News Views: 2266

For balding men, there is nothing more significant than a hope to regain his hairs back. Thanks to Lavivid for providing the premium quality of non-surgical hair replacement solutions that successfully brings your hair back and confidence too. The lavivid hair replacement system offers high-quality, professional, and on-demand services that are fully trusted and convenient for the client with a trained, dedicated team. If you are also worried about your Alopecia (hair fall) or sudden baldness, then luckily, you are landed at the right place. Our hair replacement service delivers what you need, want, and desire at affordable prices. After choosing our service, you can stay assured of a best-fitted natural hair look. Our passionate expert team gives a permanent answer to balding its none a surgical hair replacement solution. Its high-quality hairpieces keep the potential to bestow your desired hair color, style, density, length, volume, and texture. This extremely lightweight and simple to wear will give a natural and healthy hair look. Lavivid hair replacement therapy nowadays is a top-going treatment to choose to treat baldness effectively.

What hair system is?

 A hair system is manufactured using human/synthetic Hair hand-woven base material such as lace. Then this base is adhered to the individual's head with the unique attachment procedure (tape or adhesive) and cut and blended to give it a natural look. Hair Systems are efficiently made of synthetic 'skin' membrane or a material called monofilament. It is then fixed on the head using skin-friendly adhesive, tape, or clips. The hair is then trimmed to blend in with existing hair if any.

The hair systems base-now day used in our company is made of two materials polymers and mesh fabric.

Mesh Fabric: Mesh is composed of polyester or nylon that improves the quality of our product. They provide a natural, life-like appearance.


  • The hairline is natural and gives a gorgeous look.
  •  Material is health-friendly light weighted, breathable, and contented.

Polymers: Our Polymer hair system consists of silicone/polyurethane that creates an elegant material that mimics the appearance of the original skin and natural hair. The restoration of hair systems that use polymers tends to be more vigorous.


  • Cost-effective 
  • High durability
  • Easily fixed 
  • Natural appearance

The high-quality hairpieces in our company are customized to match your unique hair color, texture, natural curl or wave, as well as density as they are health-friendly. Our non-surgical hair system consists of a specific derma base that feels and acts just like a second skin. It is infused with the best quality human hair sourced from around the world.

How long does the Duration of our hair system last?

It's undoubtedly tricky to predict the durability of any hair system. But it depends on some dynamic factors, including the base material used and cares for your hair system. There are a few preventions that give long life to the system of your hair.

  • Avoid hot water
  • Evade shampoos with harsh ingredients
  • Restrict the use of blow-dryers
  • Use a satin pillowcase to minimize friction
  • Avoid alcohol-containing products
  • Use a good quality conditioner 
  • Treat your hair gently
  • Brush softly
  • Avoid Brushing wet hair 
  • Don't harsh shampoos
  • Avoid Shampooing too often

How do we work?

Our experts' team would analyze and understand the specifications and scalp conditions by taking the hair samples. That leads to the basis for determining the right customized non-surgical replacement system of hair for the client. The gained data is then sent to the International Design Centre. The Centre then puts together the data to develop a prototype. Best materials for the hair and base are sourced from around the world, after which your elegant non-surgical system of hair is designed. Quality assurance checks ensure the availability of the best class of a product, which would define your final decent look. Once shipped back to us, our specialists would perform the blending and final fitting of the hair length and system with yours, giving the client an ultimate desired look. Our company provides an opportunity to significantly modify the looks of people who are suffering from bald-headedness. However, anyone can wear a hair system that is cost-effective, human-friendly, and cool. Anybody can use our product regardless of age, hair type, or degree of hair loss. But firstly, a thorough examination is done to notify where additional hair needs to be placed to create a fuller natural appearance. After that, hair that matches your precise color, texture, curl pattern, and density is added into a base layer that acts as your skin. The angle of implanted hairs is placed in the direction of your hair growth. The implantation of the new hair is secured to the scalp using a medical-grade adhesive and impeccably blended with your present hair. In the end, your strands are cut and styled to your desired look. People are using this fantastic non-surgical hair replacement therapy and enjoy their desired dashing looks all over the globe.

Why choose us? 

Lavivid is committed to delivering brilliant non-surgical solutions to men who are suffering from baldness. We provide first-class men's hair replacement systems o affordable rates prices. Each hairpiece is individually handcrafted and proficiently designed with the client's demands and desires. Here at Lavivid, customer satisfaction is our priority, and we attempt to make every customer's hair gain journey a little bit easier. We offer a road rage of hair system with different affordable prices that will meet your budget. Like all other hair replacement therapies, lavivid therapy also demands a few limitations like avoiding the use of alcohol-containing products and less chemical use on your hair like synthetic dyes or hair masks. Otherwise, you can shower, exercise, swim, shower, style, and color your hair as if it were your own naturally growing hair. You can enjoy living your life as you would without it. Our therapy is human health-friendly and cost-effective. Log durability makes our treatment more valuable as it will keep you from the tension of monthly follow-up and other skin allergy conditions. Our experts and stylists would provide aftercare guidance. It also gives you maintenance tips to minimize any possible risk of non-surgical hair replacement side effects.


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