The Introduce of C22 Solvent and The Use of It

June 17, 2020 Hair System Adhesives Views: 5807

Today we are talking about a very popular product that nearly 90% of hair system wearers use to clean up the hair system during reapplications. This product is Walker Tape C22 Solvent.

Walker Tape C22 Solvent is the leading citrus oil-based glue remover and it is popular for acting quickly and being gentle on skin. C22 is usually used after the toupee is removed from the scalp and to clean up the tape or liquid adhesive residue. First saturate areas where there is adhesive residue and give it a few seconds to break down. Then wipe or brush off the residue. Shampoo and rinse the hair system.

It works for all kinds of hair system bases including lace, skin, poly, or monofilament.


C22 is also popular for its solvent soak method. Solvent soak method is used to remove tape or adhesive residue from your base you would use this when you've worn a system for a really long time and the breakdown has become gooey.

Please be noted that solvents can cause your skin boosts or poly edge to yellow or curl so make sure that you're not soaking for too long.

So firstly you pour C22 solvent to a container and place the hair system base down into the solvent. No need to pour a lot of solvent. Just enough to soak the base is ok. Also please try not to soak the hair into the solvent. Let it soak for at least 15 minutes and the length of time that you soak the system depends on the amount of adhesive residue. We typically don't recommend soaking the system for longer than 24 hours what can happen is the hair can absorb the solvent and it will cause the adhesive residue to come back up through the base which will defeat the purpose of the solvent soak.

Take the hair system out and remove the residue with the help of a paper towel or a metal spoon.

Then you just need to shampoo and rinse the hair system.

Cautions of using C22

Here are some points that you need to pay attention to when you use C22 Solvent.

Do not leave on silicone bases more than 2-3 minutes.

Do not apply to broken, cut, or irritated skin.

Do not leave on skin for more than 30-45 minutes.

Do not breathe fumes.

External use only, do not ingest. Avoid eye contact.

Keep out of reach of children.

Test on a small area before use.

Do not store or use near heat, sparks, or open flame.

Store at room temperature, below 90°F.

Here are all the basic knowledge about C22 Solvent. Before using it please read this introduction carefully. If you need any more information, please feel free to contact us by



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