The Aspects You Should Know about Hair Loss at The Temples of Males

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Hair loss at temples male is very common to men regardless of their age. Some of them may experience hair loss during their teenage periods and others will start to experience it after they have reached above 30, 40 or 50 years of age. One of the common areas that hair is lost is at the temples. A temple is an area behind the eyes, side of your head or between the forehead and your ears. This kind of hair loss can be caused by many conditions. If you speak to a medical professional at an early stage, you will have high chances of reducing hair loss.

What are some of the symptoms of hair loss at the temples of males?

In a normal shedding, we usually lose up to 100 strands of hair in a single day. However, one of the first signs which can indicate that you are likely to lose hair is when your hair starts to be thinner. When you are brushing your hair or showering, you will see some strands falling. A receding hairline can also one of the things which can indicate hair loss in males. This hairline will extend to the temples.

What are the causes of hair loss on the temples of males?

There are so many behaviors and conditions which can lead to hair loss on the temples of males. However, in many cases, hair loss at the temples of males is usually inherited genetically

Some of the common causes include:

Hormonal changes during pubertyHigh-stress levels- In this case, the individual will try to put out his hair or rub his temple very hard thus injuring the hair strands. Takings medication which affects the working of body hormones. Those hormones, in turn, affect the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the scalp, thus reduced hair growth will be experienced. Deficiency in essential vitamins responsible for hair growth such as vitamin B and D.

What are some of the symptoms of hair at the temples?

If you have hair loss at the temples, then you have the following symptoms: A peak at the forehead which is V-shaped and can be easily noticed. You will have hair which is very brittle and can be damaged easily. The temporal-frontal part of the scalp will be irritating or itching, as a result, you will feel like touching it from time to time. Your hair at the temple will continue being thinner as time elapses. You will also experience crusting or flaking.

How to prevent and cure hair loss on male temples?

Hair loss of temples at the temples cannot be prevented. When it comes to curing it, the treatment may vary according to the causative agent. However, there are so many techniques which can be applied to minimize hair loss or hide the affected areas.

Eating a balanced diet

i) Eating a balanced diet

You should try to eat a balanced diet especially one which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, protein and vitamin D. Adding more meat, eggs, fish, nuts, seeds and beans to your diet can add more protein to your diet. As you take your meals, ensure you drink enough water since hair strands are composed of water.

ii) Avoid hair treatments which can damage your hair

If you like having hairstyles which usually pull your hair together to the back or top, then you should avoid them. Also, if you use hot curling irons, they can damage your hair. Therefore, you should try to limit them.

iii) Using olive oil

If you massage your scalp using olive oil, you can increase the thickness of your hair. This because, this oil can penetrate deep into the hair shaft, thus making the hair strands to be stronger.

iv) Wigs and hairpieces

If you have already lost a lot of hair on your temples, you can try wearing a hairpiece or wig. Currently, there are so many types of hairpieces for men which you can choose from. These hairpieces can be sewn onto your hair, thus hiding the affected area of your temple. If you get a perfect match, even your level of confidence will increase.

If you have never seen men who wear hairpieces and you are wondering how you can look when you wear one; you should try to look at our site for more information. We do have a variety of hairpieces for men which can suit you and people will not realize if you are wearing them.


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