A Professional Hairstylist Demonstrate How to Prepare for Installing A Toupee

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Today TheSalonGuy, a professional hairdresser, will teach you how to prepare before applying a hair system and make a medium length layered haircut out of it.

hair system make over

LaVivid Poseidon Men’s Hair System

Today I’m going to do a hair system make over on a mannequin head. The actual unit itself is LaVivid Poseidon Men’s hair system in size of 7’’ by 9’’ and the color number is NC natural human hair black.

poseidon toupee

This one is super unique because it has a silk base into the middle and a polyurethane base throughout the perimeter here which means that you could literally just apply tape or glue right around the perimeter of this and you could pretty much leave the silk base part without anything on it. So it's good for the scalp. You can get breathability on this if you want to put a piece of tape on here you can.

I'm really excited about using this. What's also unique is the threading and how this has been created as far as making it look identical to a human scalp and the way the hair grows from the scalp. It's a very advanced technique a try layer system is used meaning that when the hair is knotted the knots are concealed between the layers the hair is then injected through the silk material making the knots a hundred-percent invisible and giving the illusion that the hair is actually growing from your own scalp you know. What's also unique about you don't really need to cut anything this fits most people's head shape as far as the balding area.

Let's take a quick look up close and what I'm doing as you can see is I'm literally just combing the hair and look at how natural that looks right it literally looks like it's growing from this from the scalp and that's what makes this method of how they created this really unique and it's virtually undetectable which is also why I love working with them because even this unit you can see right down to the scalp which is pretty awesome.

Tools You Need for Hair System Installation and How to Use Them

Regarding the proper tools you may need and the steps in order to actually just put this thing on so the first thing I did is I took a towel and I used acetone. This is pure acetone nail polish remover because from what I recall they spray a conditioning base on this and you just want to make sure there's nothing on it so it doesn't prevent this from sticking to the scalp and then I shampooed it and conditioned it so this thing is fully cleaned and ready to go. I did blow-dry because you do want to have this base mostly dry at least from what I understand because so it applies to the scalp much easier there's no barrier and a water that's causing it not to stick but this thing is pretty much ready to go.


Next step, you need a handful tools and items to use to make us a lot easier for yourself or if you're applying us on somebody else. Firstly you're going to need a bowl. You could also use a plastic cup but something that you put the glue on that you can take a brush and use the scoop out and apply on to the unit so any Bowl will do plastic bowl and next up is the actual brush.

 This is a rubber application brush which you can get on Amazon but the fact that it's rubber it really is easy to work with when applying the glue onto the hair unit itself. What happens is over time after you use this the glue does build up on this but you can easily just roll it off with your finger and that's what I love about it is that it's very easy to work with so definitely pick up one of these brushes it's essential to applying this especially if you're using a unit like this. We're applying the whole head you got to take this thing and brush it on the entire head. So you need something's gonna get good coverage and this actually really works well as far as spreading the base or the glue on.

About the glue, this is a ghost bond the supreme which I highly suggest. Everybody seems to use this stuff it can be found on Amazon as well. It's just a stronger hold to be honest with you they do have a regular version but I like to supreme just because it's a stronger hold.

ghost bond

Another is the Walker Scalp protector. It is very essential to apply on the scalp because you want to make sure that you are conditioning the scalp and creating a light layer of protection. It's like going out in the Sun without sunscreen you need some sort of protection on the scalp so I highly suggest this. This is the thick Scalp protector from Walker. It is really good stuff also they also have tape so the tape is essential for if you do want to use the taping method. Tapes can be found on lavividhair.com.

Next I like to use is called No Sweat Spray. You can spray this two or three sprays on the scalp let it dry for a minute. It helps prevent from you sweating which is really essential because once you start sweating that's when the bond starts to loosen up and get kind of built up under the unit. So something like this really helps.

no sweat spray

Before you apply a hair system, I suggest taking a dab of rubbing alcohol and wiping down the scalp at least maybe just once to remove any sort of oils or anything residue to make sure that your scalp is clean.

So you need to wash your scalp first or your right in this area and then using rubbing alcohol. Just wipe it down once then put the no sweat and then the Scout protector because this is the last thing that goes on so you're building up. Then you let it dry for five minutes or so and then you're ready to apply the Ghost bond onto the scalp.

So this is all the preparation work you need to do before applying a hair system. Stay tuned for my other blogs for TheSalonGuy teaching you how to apply and cut a hair system.

If you need any information about the hair system itself, please contact support@lavividhair.com and their hair system experts will answer all your questions. LaVivid is always your best choice.


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