How to Find The Best Non Surgical Hair Replacement?

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To purchase the best non surgical hair replacement that suits you, you can get rid of the depression of hair loss. Then, why choose the non-surgical hair replacement but not the surgical one? What are the pros and cons of such a method? Today, we will give you the answer in the article so that you can get a full understanding of this approach. 

When we reach a certain age in our life, we will discover that our hair begins falling. This is not something uncommon. It is a natural stage that anyone needs to experience. However, some of us have to experience hair loss way earlier than others. Why? There are many reasons. 

Even some young people will have the problem of hair fall. In general, such a situation results from an irregular lifestyle or overwhelming stress. Stress is an important factor that influences our body condition. It is also one of the common causes that lead to hair loss. Properly releasing stress is conducive to living a healthy life. 

One suffering from such diseases as high blood pressure will also have the trouble of hair fall. Besides, the lack of enough certain vitamins inside one’s body will also contribute to the problem. For some people, the hair loss problem can be solved by regulating their diet or releasing pressure while for others, baldness is hard to solve. 

To settle the irreversible baldness problem, there are many solutions. They can be mainly divided into the surgical hair replacement approach and the non-surgical ones. Considering the risk and cost of surgical hair replacement may pose, many people choose the latter one. Then, what are the pros and cons of non-surgical hair replacement? 

Pros and cons of hair toupees

No risk

Compared to hair transplant surgery, wearing the hair systems pose little risk and no side effects to the human body. The whole process is safer and controllable. If you worry that frequent wearing of a system may hurt the scalp skin, you can apply a layer of protection to minimize the negative influence. So far, no one has reported physical discomfort because of wearing a hair toupee. 

Affordable price

There are many types of hair toupees catering to the needs and budgets of different populations. Even many quality hair replacements are pocket-friendly. You choose from assorted products, comparing their performance and prices and purchasing the one that best fits you.


Natural appearance

The natural and undetectable appearance is one factor that consumers are most concerned with. As technology advances, nowadays the hair toupees can give you a 100% realistic look of hair. In particular, the silk hair system can give you a vivid scalp looking the same as the real. 

To bring the full potential of a hair unit out, you need to choose one that matches well with the rest of your hair for a toupee can only cover the top part of the head. Shaving the side part of the hair and cleaning the scalp before the application can be key to successful wearing. 

Ease to use

The application is not complicated. You can just ask the professionals to do the job. With practice and patience, you can also do this by yourself. There is much relevant guidance online teaching you how to apply a hair system. 

Not a permanent product

This is the major disadvantage of a hair unit. You need to replace it with a new one after a certain period. Any damage to the system can affect its holistic effects. Besides, to keep the hair shiny, regular maintenance is needed. Thus, you may spend more than you think on non-surgical hair replacement. 

Where to find the best non surgical hair replacement that suits me?

Here, in our store Lavivid, we provide you with a wide range of premium products at affordable prices. Lace, mono, poly, and silk hair systems are all available. Apart from these products, we also offer toupee glues and other tools to save your time. 


It is normal to feel depressed about the hair loss problem. Do not worry, finding the best non surgical hair replacement can immediately beef you up. In terms of the baldness issue, we will always be your partner glad to listen to your worries and to solve your trouble.


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