How Do Teenage Boys Dea with Hair Loss?

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Many young men start noticing signs of hair loss at a very young age. It is stated in research reports that more than 16% of young men suffer from hair loss conditions. Hairloss is a natural process that comes along with aging. However, excessive hair loss at a rapid pace is not natural and usually means there's something wrong. 

A common hair loss condition caused by an imbalance of hormones is called male pattern baldness. It is a genetic condition that causes hair thinning in teenage males. The thinning hair eventually leads to hair fall. While most men suffer from pattern baldness in their 30s, the condition itself can occur at any time in life after boys hit puberty. Some teenagers are unlucky and start noticing severe signs of hair loss or thinning hair quite early on. 

Side Effects of Hairloss In Teenaged Boys 

Hair loss at such a young age can be pretty damaging to the ego; it can cause young boys to lose confidence and become socially inept. Often it also makes them the target of bullying or harassment. Young boys need to understand that the process of hair loss is completely normal and only happens due to genetic conditions. It can also be very helpful to help them get the proper treatment or solutions for hair loss conditions.

It is also important to note that it's not always male pattern baldness, and you should always consult with a doctor to make sure it's not a more serious medical condition or side effects of any medication.

How To Recognize Hairloss In Young Men 

No one notices some hair shed and immediately thinks that they're going bald, especially at a young age. People tend to ignore such signs until it's too late. There are specific symptoms that, if caught early, can be vital in slowing down the hair loss process. Teenagers with families who tend early hair loss should check for these symptoms pretty regularly.

Some of the important and noticeable symptoms of hair loss are: 

Hair thinning at the crown

The least noticeable but probably the most damaging symptom of hair loss is the hair-thinning teenage male. The thinning hair is due to the damaged hair cycle. The hair on the temples and the crown first thin out before the rest of the head is affected. The hair doesn't fall out first, but the thinning makes it incredibly light and flat.


Receding hairline

A receding hairline is the first and the most noticeable sign of aging. The hair starts falling out, and the hairline recedes until it forms a large M shape. 

Bald spot on top of your head

This is the last symptom which marks excessive hair loss—a bald spot forms due to the thinning hair and hair loss at the top of your head.

The Best Solution For Teenage Boys Suffering From Hairloss 

While there are many treatments out there for men with hair loss, none of them is a permanent cure. The best option for covering up hair loss is wearing a hair replacement system.

A hair replacement system is the market name for a wig or a toupee. Also known as hairpieces, these are getting increasingly common as the hair loss condition ratio grows with time. They have considered the best hair-thinning teenage male solution out there.

More than 80% of men who suffer from hair loss conditions prefer wearing a hairpiece rather than get medicated treatments. Many reasons set them apart from other available. options 

Natural and seamless

Hairpieces nowadays come with a variety of bases and attachment methods. Every single one of them can be blended in and appear so natural no one would know that you're wearing a hairpiece. The seam on the forehead can be further blended in with a little concealer, and it would look completely natural. 


Another advantage of hair systems is how cost-effective they are. Regular medical expenditure can be pretty taxing. The medical procedures are not only extremely costly but are also not covered under insurance. Contrary to that, hair systems arent only cost-effective but also last you a long time. 

Long term wear

Once you get them installed at a hair salon or by an expert, they can be worn long-term for as long as two weeks. You can shower and do other tasks in them. There are other less long-term options available too. The attachment and wear time solely depends on what you're comfortable with. There are options such as glue adhesives, double-sided tape adhesives, and clip-on attachments. 

Easy to wear

Hair systems are incredibly easy to install. While some methods do require some expertise, they are not hard to master, and you can do them right at home. It is easier if you try easier attachment methods first and then move on to trickier methods. According to a survey, most men install their hair systems. It can be hard to understand the first time, but after only a couple of tries, you'll get the hang of it. 

Follows the latest trends

The last but not the least advantage of hair systems is that they can follow the latest trends. Unlike natural hair that bounds you to specific hairstyles, hair systems can easily be altered or even bought to follow the latest trends. This provides you with amazing feasibility and a chance to restore your confidence. It is especially important to teenaged boys that they appear young, healthy, and fashionable. Good hair plays an important role in it, and hair systems can help you overcome that hindrance. 

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