How to Get into the World of Natural Hair Lace Wigs

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If we are talking about wigs, it is probably because they have become so famous in the beauty world, especially the male grooming industry. For the most prolonged time, wigs have been the main element of so many celebrities wanting to change their looks just by changing the way their looks without damaging their hair for the red carpet. For over a decade, keeping the stardom aside, wigs have started getting famous among the masses of people of all ages. On social media every other day, we see a video going viral of a Hair Stylist for seamlessly blending a Men's Hair System to the point where it looks like his real hair.

So yes, stepping outside of the glam and celebrity world, the wig-wearing culture among men has been growing exponentially in the two main categories: Men who are fighting Baldness and Hair loss and Men who want to experiment with their hair without their real hair getting damaged.

The following is what lavivid hair summarizes for you, what you must know about the world of natural hair lace wigs.

As we know as the Hair Replacement system for men took hype and is now used as the #1 solution for fighting hair loss and male pattern baldness, the manufacturing of the wigs have been marveled to the extent that there have been so many categories and types as to give you all the options you need. But here we are going to discuss the two most popular and in-demand properties of wigs and why their combination makes the perfect wig for you: Real Hair Lace Wigs.  

The fact that makes this topic interesting is that Both the Hair type of your wigs and the base have many categories, even subcategories, yet it is the most combination combining Real Hair with a lace base. There are so many ways to style your wig according to your liking, and there are so many types of different wigs to use even if we are specific with hair type and base type.

For Lace as a base, there are two types of wigs for men; Full Lace Wigs, Front Lace wigs. And for the hair type to be Human Hair we have quite a lot of options there as well. The main question is why people go for Human Hair over synthetic hair? The answer to this is simple, with human hair, you can do every bit of all those things you can do with your real hair. Yes, if you are going to use it for prolonged durations of time, you need to be more proactive about their maintenance, but apart from that, they are undetectable, gives you the most flawless finish, and leaves your hair looking exactly like you want them to look.  Human hair is most definitely more expensive than synthetic hair, but if dealt with proper care and careful usage, it can last for years.

Now let’s jump towards the type of Real Hair Lace Wigs;

1- Human Hair Lace Front Wigs.

The Lace front wig comes with a mesh with the adjustable strap making it fit perfectly to any head sizes. The deal with lace front human hair wigs is that they give you the most undetectable, real looking feel even on the hairline of men as it is the only place from where their hairpieces or wigs can be detected. As it has such a lightweight, almost invisible looking front and is made out of real hair that can be died, colored, cut, and styled. These wigs are comparatively expensive than synthetic hair wigs with front lace.

2- Human Hair Full Lace Wigs.

The thing about using Lace as a base cap for your wigs is that it gives you the most lightweight, utterly breathable, and the most comfortable feeling. They almost feel like you have nothing on your scalp; they allow proper airflow on your scalp resulting in less sweat. Making you feel secure and light the whole day. Moreover, it provides unlimited styling options for you to try on them. Application of Full Lace wigs made up of real hair is a bit complex as you have to use some sort of adhesive the tricky part in this is that as the cap base is so thin that there are chances of glue getting to your wig's hair. The Full lace Human Hair Wig is quite expensive if compared to all the other sorts of wigs for men, so depending on the quality, you can even get a bit cheaper version, but they will still give you the best results.

Maintaining Your Real Hair Lace Wigs

Think of natural hair on your head, and you see men and women buying so many hair products to keep their hair healthy and shiny looking. If you are getting yourself a hair wig made of natural human hair, it is more than evident that natural human hair requires more care than any other hair wig. One because the lace base is so sensitive and fragile, and two that Human hair wigs need more attention than your natural hair. As your natural hair can produce natural oils to keep your hair healthy and shiny, but in the case of human hair wigs, they cannot protect themselves from extensive sun and dust exposure. This is why keeping your hairpieces properly is very important in the efforts of maintaining them. It is usually recommended to keep around two real hair lace wigs at a time for someone who is a regular user of hair wigs. Yes, you can throw them into a drawer and call it a day, but it will make it more susceptible to looking dry, damaged, and brittle, and let’s be honest no one wants to have unhealthy looking hair wig installed on their scalps.

If you want to get yourself Natural Hair Lace wigs, frontal or full Lace both they are readily available on Lavivid Hair’s Website, here you can get your hands on the most exquisite human hair systems you can have.



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