Reveal the Hair System Myths for You

September 17, 2020 Hair Replacement for Men Views: 1155

Today we're going to go over seven myths that have been told all throughout time in legends and folklore about hair systems. This article is shared by Jake Kent, LaVivid hairs spokesperson.

Myth Number One  Hair Systems Cannot Go Out into the Sun

That's just not true. I go out and I live a very active lifestyle. I live in Florida where there's about 361 days of sunshine per year. I wear a hair system and they last for months and months on end and like I said I live an extremely active lifestyle. So this myth just isn't true.

Now there are things that you do have to take into consideration if you are going to be spending a lot of time in the sun with your hair system especially if it's a colored system. If you're out in the sun with a hair system, there is a chance that you're going to get some photobleaching of the color which means that it will start to take more of a reddish hue to it. If you wear them for months at a time and you don't do any color infusing back into the hair system, it will eventually look like a different color than your natural hair which can start to look a little bit off.  If you don't want your hair system to photobleach and if you want it to keep a consistent color that matches your sides then what you have to do is you have to get a color infusing reinvigorating type conditioner that deposits color back into your unit. 

Myth Number Two -  They Look Fake

No, they don't. When they are correctly fitted, when they are correctly matched with color, density and wave of your hair they're not going to look fake. There is a very very small chance that someone who is highly trained might be able to tell if you are wearing a hair system but I have gone through hair systems specialists before without telling them that I'm currently wearing and they did not know.

Myth Number Three -  A Hair System Is A Wig Or A Toupee

That's just not true. It's not easy to understand why some may think that a hair system is a weight or a toupee but the difference is this really a hair system is something as completely customized for you as an individual the right color it has the right density it has the right wave and it is templated to your actual hair loss and this is what really separates this from a wig or a toupee. This is not just a one size fits all type thing that you just plop on the top of your head. It's a lot of technology that goes into it and it's actually a very cool thing. It's something that we didn't used to have and it's really something that you should take advantage of.

Myth Number Four - You Can Always Spot A Hair System

Once again, this isn't true. Sometimes you can but a lot of times you can't. One of the things that have actually stopped hair systems from becoming a mainstream thing for men is that they're so good now that because they're imperceptible men don't want to tell other people that they're wearing hair systems so therefore word of mouth advertising isn't really working.  

Myth Number Five -  Your Lifestyle Is Going To Change

It's just not true. The only reason that your lifestyle is going to change if you get a hair system is if you get the wrong hair system and the wrong hair system is one that's wrong for you there's no really wrong hair system but there is definitely wrong hair systems for you. First I like to think about it in a three-dimensional space if you will have breathability meaning the ability for the hair system to breathe; your believability that the ability for the hair system to pass the can they tell test and then you have the durability test and if you get all those three things right, your lifestyle is not going to change at all whether you are a corporate worker who's at a desk most of the time or if you're extremely active and you're snowboarding rock climbing all these stuff.

Myth Number Six - Hair Systems Are Expensive

They don't have to be expensive. There are a lot of options out there for you right now which to make it totally accessible. Let's talk about the most expensive thing. For a hair system on LaVivid, you can get one with 180 to 200 dollar price that's gonna last you maybe three to four to five or even more months if you really take care of it. You need some supplies but that's going to maybe average out to 100 150 bucks a year with adhesives shampoos conditioners which is stuff you'd spend anyway. You're going to have to spend a little bit of money most likely on cut-ins but you're probably going to have to spend that money if you didn't have a hair system if you were just going to go get your hair cut you'd probably be spending 20 to 30 dollars every month or something like that to keep your hair nice trimmed to have a nice fade something like that so cut-ins may cost you a couple hundred dollars a year depending on how many hair systems you get and that's just a cost that comes along with it and then finally there's maintenance. If you go to a salon and you have them maintain your hair that could be expensive if you do it yourself it's not expensive at all.

Myth Number Seven - The Hair System Won't Change Your Life

Yeah, it'll change your life. It's going to change a lot of things about your life. It's going to change the ways you feel about yourself and it's going to help you see that man in the mirror that you always wanted to be.

From inside for some reason you feel held back by hair loss. Even if you're the most confident man and successful entrepreneur like business type person but you're dealing with hair loss and it's something that does affect you and you can be honest about that. A hair system undoubtedly is going to have an effect on you for the positive. You're going to be more confident you're going to be there more for other people you're going to be more social you're going be more the man that you want to be.



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