The Introduce of 5 Common Hairpieces in The Toupee Hair System

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There’re all kinds of wigs in the toupee hair system, and they have become more and more popular. Some of them buy wigs as the modification of their baldness, and some just pick wigs as a fashion factor. It’s quite important to choose the right and suitable wigs. 5 commonly used toupees for both men and women are advised below. 

Men’s toupee hair system 

1. Men’s toupee mono top

There’re two kinds of hair material used for this hairpiece. If the hair color is dark, it’s made of high-quality soft fine Indian Remy hair. If the hair color is grey, then it’s made of Japanese Kanekalon synthetic fiber. And the whole weight is 0.2 LBS. The size of it is 6.5”x8.5” and it can be cut down to 5.5”x8”. It’s 120% medium density. 

The base of the toupee is composed of three parts: Monofilament skill top, 1” clear poly edge, and the small scallop front. This kind of toupee is lightly wavy throughout and in freestyle. The hair length is 6” finished overall. It’s durable and easy to attach. There’re various colors for you to choose such as black, brown, blonde, grey, and so on. The price of this wig is $179. 

2. Permed wavy curly hair

For the toupee hair material, it’s in the same situation as the above one. For dark color, it’s made of high-quality soft fine Indian Remy hair and for grey color, it’s made of Japanese Kanekalon synthetic fiber. The whole weight is 0.23 LBS. The size of it is 8”x10” and the side can be cut down to any size. The minimum of the front and back is 7.75”. 

The base of the toupee is composed of super-soft clear thin skin poly and the thickness of the poly skin is 8 mils. For the front, it’s 110% density and the rest is 100% density. There are three different degrees of wave: permed to 18 mm loose curl, 22 mm tight wavy, and 25 mm medium wavy. The hair length is also 6” finished overall with freestyle. There’re only three kinds of color: black, brown and grey. The price is $189. 

3. Mono silk top lace toupee

The same toupee hair material as the above two items.  The weight of the wig is 0.23 LBS. the size is 8”x10” and it can be cut down to 7”x9”.  The original one is 125% medium density and it’s 135% heavy density for the revised one. Monofilament silk top, poly coating edge, and double folded lace make up the wig toupee in an easy cutaway design. The price is $169. 

Women’s toupee hair system 

1. Mono silk top lady’s hairpiece

This kind of wig is made of high-quality Remy human hair and the weight is 0.25 LBS. The size of it is 7”x9” and can be cut down to a much smaller size like 5.5”x6”. The finished hair length is 14” and it’s helpful to make different hairstyles. It’s 120% medium density. 

For the base of the hairpiece, the mono lace top is with PU coating perimeter. And there’s front under knot on this. Specially designed reinforced stitch line every 1/2" make downsize easier at the back, fit for almost any size. It’s a great choice for salon owners. The durability of it is 6-12 months and there’s a wide range of color options for you to choose from. The price is $339. 

2. Women’s spot attach bald hair loss add on a hairpiece

The hairpiece is made of premium Remy human hair and is approximately 15 g. It’s naturally straight with a length of 6”. The base is Monofilament silk with coated poly and the size is 2.5” side to side and 1.5” for front and back. It’s quite effective to add hair volume at spot hair loss areas. The versatile design allows for permanent, semi-permanent, or daily wear. The price is $74. 

The above are 5 commonly used hairpieces in the toupee hair system. When you plan to purchase toupees, you also need to consider durability. The hair lifespan for real hair wigs is 3-24 months while it’s 2-3 months for synthetic wigs. You can make the choice based on your situation. You can also consult professional persons for advice.


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