2020 Hair Color Trends with Affecting Factors

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Each year comes with new trends in terms of popular hair colors and shades. 2020 has not been left out as it has already featured easy and effortless twists on natural hair and hair systems colors. Since hair color is a significant point of attraction, it is imperative to choose one that brings out this aspect vividly.

What affects the choice of popular hair colors

•The skin tone-This is the primary factor that affects the choice of trendy hair color regardless of whether you want a makeover on your natural hair or install new hair. Since tons of popular hair colors are available, you should choose one that complements the complexion of your skin and especially the face. In the field of hair replacement, the pieces must bring out an undetectable look. To achieve this, the hair replacement systems must match seamlessly with the skin tone. At Lavividhair.com, hair systems are customized in terms of color to match your skin tone.

•The purpose of the hair- The use into which you want to put your colored hair is also an essential factor to consider. For example, different occasions call for different and in-demand hair colors. If you want to have a permanent solution with regards to color for your natural hair, it is crucial to choose a hair color that you are ready to live with for the better part of your life.

•Condition of your hair- If you want to color your natural hair, it is vital to choose one that will not cause an over-processing causing damage. Your hair should, therefore, be in good condition to avoid damages. The maintenance of your hair must also be extended to after-treatment to make sure that the applied colors do not fade quickly.

•Budget- Popular hair colors come in various price tags due to the distinct routes that each color takes in processing. You should factor in the initial cost of the color installation and the maintenance costs, such as the cost of color retouching. This overall cost must match your budget frame. This does not mean that you should choose cheaper hair colors as their retouching may consume more funds in the long run.

To enhance the look of popular hair colors, it is good to appreciate that different colors may be combined, especially when dyeing natural hair. A good number of hair systems are also available in different color shades.

Six in-demand hair colors of 2020

•Red Brown- The combination of red and brown hues for hair are endless. This shade is, therefore, highly versatile to complement several skin tones. It has been observed that the hair that has more red in the shade is suitable for people with dark skins, while one with more brown is suitable for lighter skin tones.

•Cherry red- This is the perfect hair color, especially if you want to forego your natural hair color and embrace a new look. This is because this shade is gorgeous and also vibrant. This hair color is also suitable for the summer as it gives a radiant look. This shade is also typical for people with darker skin tones as it provides a contrasting look. This color is very popular among young people aged 18 to 24.

•Black- This is not only the most common hair color for this year but for all the past years. Black hair features a high amount of eumelanin, making it the darkest of all trendy hair colors common in a larger population. Hair replacement systems also come in this color. An example of a hair system is a super-thin men’s toupee in Lavividhair that comes with the black option called the mirage toupee that goes for $209. (https://www.lavividhair.com/img/co/426.jpg)

•Vanilla chocolate- The chocolate with vanilla highlights is a common hair color, especially for people with a blonde type of hair. This is a good hair color, especially for kids.

•Warm amber- This hair color occurs as a tint of copper and somewhere between orange and brown in the color spectrum. This is the perfect hair color for people who are looking for a near-natural look. This hair color perfectly matches the brown skin tone.

•Metallic peach- Metallic peach-colored hair changes its undertones depending on the lighting. This makes metallic peach a popular hair shade that is eye-catching and interesting to wear.

If you notice that the reflection of your mirror looks boring, it may be time to consider changing your hair color. You only have to assess your needs and go for a hair color that matches them. If you are looking for hair replacement systems, you should visit Lavividhair.com as here the hair systems are customized with any color that you require. Any questions please feel free to contact support@lavividhair.com


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