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Got my mirage installed today and looks really good. Definitely better than the Eros and lace bases, mad how some people walk around with thick hairlines and you can tell they are wearing one, stick to thin base as looks more real. Less than 110% hair is better as looks more real. Only my girlfriend and sister know I wear one and no one knows a thing as I stick to polly.

Steffen’s story with LaVivid Hair:
Steffen’s story with LaVivid Hair:

Steffen Janczak was in his early twenties when the first receding hairline formed. At first he didn’t quite care about it. Even when it got worse and the first sayings came up like "You have a helipad on your head", that didn't bother him. At some point, the look in the mirror became more critical: "I work in the fashion industry and thought, Oh, you've gotten old."

He tried almost everything trying to get the hair back. “I applied ointments, used tinctures, turned the Internet inside out looking for solutions. All in Vain. And have lost a lot of money. "Steffen Janczak (37) shrugs his shoulders," You can't do much against nature."

He researched hair transplants, but came to the conclusion that "the providers do one thing above all: play with your hope". Thousands of euros for several painful interventions, an unsatisfactory rate of hair growth, which in case of doubt becomes fluffy and thin and then breaks off. “I didn't want any of that.” What about now?, he asked himself, and in 2019 he discovered a solution for himself on social media for the first time: LaVivid hair systems.

There are hair systems that are knotted on lace or skin, and which are also provided with special skin-friendly adhesive strips. "At first it is strange, you have to get used to it first," says Janczak. What happened to him immediately: “An incredible boost in happiness and self-esteem. I thought it was mega, looked a lot younger. Only people who have no hair understand that. ”

  • EricJul 30, 2021
    I contacted their customer service and they were so quick to respond and pleasant!! Hair is amazing i ordered the dark brown hair, cut it to my size and gave it a haircut Great texture and very workable!This might be the best quality product I’ve seen in this price range. Thank you so much +++
  • AhmadJun 7, 2021
    I can't get past losing my hair , I feel old unattractive and being bald doesn't match my personality, my fashion style and I've tried everything and have about 30 hats lol so I start to try the hair system. Lavivid's hair system is amazing with a high quality and finally I have my own hairstyle!! Love it!!
  • MattJun 7, 2021
    I got my order from you and am so happy with it. I always had a lace base and I never tried a skin base before. I had it put on today and am made up with it. When I got it was bit unsure about the hair being human hair but the salon I go reassured me. I was so happy with it as I have tried a lot of online companies saying that was human hair and in the colour I need. Most of them were synthetic which I did not want. so thanks very much and I will be ordering from you again.
  • Chase HughesJun 22, 2021
    I was skeptical to try a hair system because people told me it’d look fake, but I have been wearing mine for over two months now and I love it. Not only does it look real, but it can also handle everything that I’ve put it through. I’ve worn this on roller coasters and water rides and it’s handled them pretty well, but it’s had a little color change after the water ride. I use ghostbond glue to make sure it has the best hold for the rides.

Custom Made Hair System

What is a custom made hair system?
If you cannot find a stock hair system that meets your needs for the base structure, hair color, hair density, hair length, wave or curl, etc, you can always go with a custom order.
What options are there?
Whether it is
For men,
For women,
Short hair,
Long hair < 24’’,
Single/mixed hair color, highlights, lowlights,
Lace, skin, mono or combo bases,
High density, low density,
Curly, wavy, straight,
Indian hair, European hair,
Small size, big size or even a full cap wig,
  • Blue Eyes
    stars Jan 11, 2022
    If you read only one review about LAVIVID, make sure it's this one.

    I just want to say how utterly amazed I am with the overall experience I've had with Lavivid.

    I'm 31 and have worn hair systems since I was 27, so a good number of years now. I've been through it all, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

    I've tried companies such as Hair4all, Toplace, and UK Hair systems. Each and every time I was let down by in one way or another (Customer service, time frames, quality, etc)

    From start to finish, the experience I've had with Lavivid has been absolutely outstanding. Their customer service is top tier, they're speedy, and the quality of hair I received outperforms the competitors mentioned above BY FAR.

    The most amazing part is, I ended up paying less and receiving a superior product when compared to previously placed orders with other companies.

    Do yourself a favor and give these guys a go. I was skeptical at first, but after doing my research (And I do so meticulously), the decision was obvious.

  • Martin Dean
    stars Jul 17, 2021
    Best Hair system on the market

    Lavivid hair changed my life with the hair system ,I have been wearing there system now for 6 months and my confidence level is through the roof. When I first thought about getting a system ,it wasn't easy as no salons in my area was doing them but Lavivid was there every step of the way to help me ,every email I sent and there was a few ,one would come straight back unbelievable service ,unbelievable product.

    If your reading this review and thinking should I do it please email Lavivid and it will be the best decision you would make .

    Lavivid hair look real ,feel real and a great product with outstanding service so change your life today it will be the best thing you do

  • Blue Eyes
    stars Oct 18, 2021
    Probably the best system Ive worn.

    I finally got a quality full cap system. You pay a little more but it’s well worth it. Lavivid came through for me after getting several sh…tty systems from another company. Its European hair, hybrid base and appears natural styled and messy. Couldn’t be more satisfied.