Which Lace Hair System Is Easier to work with When It Comes to Installation and Maintenance?

People, who use lace hair systems, loves it for being breathable but also hates it for being hard to work with when it comes to installation and maintenance.
Lace base has microscopic holes in it, so the glue or tape residue might seep through the base to the hair roots and makes it very hard to clean off.
Also when you remove the tape/glue off the base, you might drag hair through the holes to the inner side of the base.
Thus causing hair loss during the cleaning process. However, you won’t experience all these hassles with a skin base.
This is why we designed hybrid base of lace and skin. The skin part is to avoid the above problems.

What our customers say about these two hair systems?
  • Simois Hair Systems
    Jan 10, 2020score

    like the base structureThe base structure is just what I want. I can use tape on the perimeter skin and also have a natural front lace hairline. Very easy to use and maintain. Tape works really well and it is not messy at all when you take the system off.

    Jan 17, 2020score

    This is the best oneWith the front lace, I can have a super natural hairline. This is very important because we don't want people to know that we are wearing a system. The skin in the base makes it durable than a full lace base. and it requires low maintenance. This is the best one.

  • Ares Hair Systems
    Nov 30, 2019score

    First time wearingGot my piece today. First time wearer. I had no idea how to put this thing on my head. I confirmed with their customer service and they suggest me to take it to a salon. Well, I didn't expect this extra expense. I took it to a barbershop nearby and the barber put it on for me and cut it a little. Oh, man, it looks soooo natural. Just like my old hair. I can't believe it. Everyone likes it on me. I am so happy I tried this. Will definitely order again.

    Jan 13, 2020score

    Perfect choiceMy hairstylist assisted me in choosing this hair system. I wanted a thick hair look whilst at the same time a natural looking appearance. This one was picked because the lace in the front giving an unbelievable hairline and the poly rear giving the security and hold.

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