How does A Clip-on Hair System work?

How does A Clip-on Hair System work?
STEP1Determine the size of your Clip-on Hair System.
Determine the hair loss size.
Add 1’’ to both sides and back and you will have the size for your clip-on hair system
Suppose the hair loss size is 6’’x8’’. Clip-on hair system base size should be 8’’x9’’.
STEP2Tape the front hairline down and clip the rest to your hair
STEP3Cut and style the hair to blend in with your own hair
How does A Clip-on Hair System work?

FAQs of Clip-on Hair Systems

  • Can I use a clip-on hair system?
    To wear a clip-on hair system, you have to have hair on the sides and back of your head. Also the hair has to be at least 1-2cm long, so it can hold the clips securely.
  • Can I shower or sleep in it?
    You can but there is no point of doing that. The point of wearing a clip-on hair system is making the wearing process easier and no hassles. So you don’t have to wear it while you are showering, sleeping, or in occasions that you don’t have to have perfect hair look and you can take it off easily to give your head a rest.
  • Can I work out in it?
    Yes, you can. With a clip on hair system, there is no glue or tape on your head, so your head can breathe freely. Also it stays on the head very securely and it won’t come off or move during working out.
  • Pros and Cons

    To wear a clip-on hair system, there is no need for you to shave your existing hair.

    Avoid all the hassles of applying glues, tapes onto your head and regularly removing all these and cleaning the base and reinstall it back on. This makes a clip-on hair system so much easier to work with.

    It lasts longer compared to a same base glue-on hair piece since it doesn’t need to go through the regular adhesive application, adhesive removal and cleaning processes.


    Not suitable for wearing while you are swimming, showering or sleeping. If you want to wear a hair systems in these occasions, please choose a glue-on hair piece instead.

  • Can I swim in it?
    No, you can’t. It is better wearing a swimming cap instead. Swimming pools have chlorine in it, so it causes damage to the hair.
  • Is it for daily use?
    Yes, it is a good option for people who want to remove it on a daily basis. Put it on very easily before you go out and remove it while at home.

How to put on a Clip-on Hair System?

How to put on a Clip-on Hair System?
How to put on a Clip-on Hair System?