New Arrival Hair Systems for Men always keeps up to date with the latest men’s hair trends. Our designing team, who has over 10 years’ experience, work with the goal to provide the most comfortable, realistic, and stylish hair systems for men experiencing hair loss. If you are new to men’s hair systems, be sure to check out our Ordering Guide, or contact our experts at to get started!
Cronus is made from pure European Human Hair and is crafted using Poly Skin.The hair has been injected through the base, so no tell-tale knots are visible. As the hair has been injected by hand, the hair has a supremely natural movement.
Prometheus has a tri-layer base system where the knots are completely hidden, making the base look like a real scalp. If someone ever saw the top of your head, they would never guess you were wearing a hair system. Feel empowered with Prometheus knowing that it won’t let you down.
Poisedon’s silk base looks highly realistic and just like your own scalp. Poisedon’s thick and straight hair can pull off any hairstyle. From the pompadour to the crew cut, to the textured slick back, Poisedon will make you look incredible with every hairstyle.