I just received the Ares system by FedEx and it looks just like I saw in the video it's wonderful I am crazy about it I never had a system like this before when you can in the future let me know as soon as you know they are sending more of the same system

The hair system looks pretty incredible. Such a classic and natural look, love it!

I know the lavivid hair system from my friend, he is using their product and recommend them to me. I chose the $40 pre cut service, so can I wear it as soon as I receive it. Took almost one week to arrive my town, they cut the hair a little short for me, but it’s OK. Love it.

Love it! Excellent customer service, I really asked a lot of questions and they answered very patiently. The color they helped me pick turned out to be a perfect match. The hair unit took 4 days to arrive. Natural looking, easy to wearr, love it.

My first order with lavivid is their coeus unit. I have been loving it but I really wanted to order one which is better for exercise and sweating. So they recommended this Ares model. It truly is more breathable than coeus. I don't feel stuffy anymore during working out.

Used to go with full lace but I decided to go with this one in the future. lol Love the thin skin at the back.

I have to tell you- I am ecstatic about my hair piece. It is stunning and I have never felt more confident. I have shared my story with so many people. I look forward to trying other pieces in the future! I also have my stylist who is very interested in pursuing this further.

Being in hair restoration I consider myself an expert so I will try to be as open and only comment on the hair quality itself I have to be honest when I open the box I was pleasantly surprised the hair was soft , it was a “ stock hair” had to be customized to my models head but all in all was a great hair. It blended his hair nicely

Density works just for my age. Totally breathable for the hot weather in Australia right now. Hair flows well in all directions. Love the hair very much. I use glue and the cleaning is a little messy.

It's been almost 4 months wearing this piece now and it still holds up very well. Very durable and the lace is still in great shape. No tweaked edges or anything. So far so good.

The hair is really soft. I really like the feel of it. I really like the wave. It has a little bit of a curl/wave to it. My natural hair is wavy/curly, so this is the way that I like to wear my systems, but, I mean, honestly, I'm really, super happy with this one, and I can definitely recommend it to you guys.

My hairstylist assisted me in choosing this hair system. I wanted a thick hair look whilst at the same time a natural looking appearance. This one was picked because the lace in the front giving an unbelievable hairline and the poly rear giving the security and hold.

Just started to wear hair systems and indeed had many questions. Lavivid customer service is really nice, patient and very helpful. At first, I use ghost bond but found it turn white when I sweat heavily. My work involves physical work, Sweating, and interacting with other people. The glue turning white was a huge problem for me. I changed it to a clear bond as their customer service suggests and it works really well. No turning white anymore. Thank you for the great service. Will definitely buy again.

After several rounds of tests, I right now use no shine tape in the front lace and ghost bond in the back skin. This combination works really well for me. The hair is great. Minimum shedding, very easy to style.

Got my piece today. First time wearer. I had no idea how to put this thing on my head. I confirmed with their customer service and they suggest me to take it to a salon. Well, I didn't expect this extra expense. I took it to a barbershop nearby and the barber put it on for me and cut it a little. Oh, man, it looks soooo natural. Just like my old hair. I can't believe it. Everyone likes it on me. I am so happy I tried this. Will definitely order again.

Come shipped in a nice box and is on time. The product looks as it is described. The front hairline is well bleached and looks very natural. The hair feels real and it is real! lol Ordering another right now and might even few more.

i am in love with this hair and so is everyone very soft feel. super fine quality. will buy again.