My Hair Loss Story and the Best Hair Solution I've Taken

December 20, 2019
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When you start losing your hair you hardly notice it. Its an insidious process. It starts by losing a few strands and you get used to it so you dont change a thing about what you are doing. Thats how it started for me from around 30 years old.


And after a few more years of hair loss I kept trying to find ways of styling my hair so it still looked good but I couldnt deny those patches of my bare head that keep getting bigger. A few friends and family people made some comments or jokes about my hair and at first you laugh with them, but then as it got worse I finally decided Id better do something. So I decided that since many famous people are sporting shaved heads that I will give it a try but I sure felt anxious shaving off my slow-growing and thinning hair.


After shaving my head I felt that I look even worse because my head is all white and I look like a hospital patient going for brain surgery. I know that if my head can get well-tanned it will look better than the white cue ball look. But I keep thinking arent we supposed to reduce our sun exposure? How can I safely tan my head without getting too much sun? but there doesnt seem to be a good solution.

men's hair loss

Then I started collecting a lot of hats (see my video blog about it). Hats for all occasions, right? And at first its interesting to live the hat lifestyle but still, why are there so many others my age still with a full head of hair and some of them with no grey??? Well theres no denying there are hereditary factors. My brother has all his hair but he has my fathers side of the family in skin color and hands, I have my mothers side hair and skin. And all of my uncles are hair challenged.

So the hat life continued until I discoveredor ratherI was discovered and invited to be a model for LaVivid. The first time I tried on a toupee it was strange since I wasnt familiar with the process. Ill write about that experience in another blog entry but it was quite an interesting experience getting a hair cut after about 10 years without one.

Let's get a peek of m new hair cuts:

lavivid toupee

lavivid toupees

Which style do you think is better for me? comment below, looking forward to knowing that. Thank you so much.

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