5 Habits That are Ruining your Hair

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We all know that hair plays an important role in elevating our look. Alex also thinks the same about this situation. According to Alex, when you have a good hair day, you feel happier. You start feeling better like people are being more friendly with you. Your confidence starts to ooze out of you, as you feel content because your hair looks and feels better.

In contrast, when a person has a bad hair day, it's like a dark and heavy cloud is following you. You start feeling down and crappy and have significant mood swings. You continuously question why my hair looked so good yesterday and today when it is a special day, why they look so bad. Now you don't need to worry about the bad hair day because Alex has got you covered.

He will tell you all the things that are ruining your hair and through which you can say goodbye to bad hair days.

5 Things that Ruin your Hair?

Stick around and learn everything that is ruining your hair and is causing bad hair days.

1. Silk Pillowcases:


According to Alex, the cotton pillowcase is the first thing that ruins and damages your hair. Therefore, the first step for healthy and good hair is to throw away the cotton pillowcases and get yourself the silky soft, and luxurious silk pillowcases.

These pillowcases are soft on the hair and prevent any tangle in the hair and fizziness in the hair. It is suitable for the skin and hair hence the better option than cotton pillowcases. Moreover, the silk pillowcases are affordable and will not cost you much.

2. Shampooing Hair Too Often:


The second thing that can ruin your hair, according to Alex, is shampooing your hair too often. Shampooing is essential, as we all know, but as we shampoo, we also strip off the natural oils in the hair. Now, if you strip off them too often by shampooing continuously, then your hair will surely look bad.

They will sometimes start to look dry, uneven, and frizzy. Therefore, you should reduce shampooing to three or two days a week.

3. Using Low-Quality Hair Products:


Drugstore styling and hair products can be terrible for your hair, and your hair will look okayish when styling with such products. But we don't want okay; we want the best hair to look good. So, if you want great hair, you must invest in high-quality products. This will guarantee that your hair looks as good as it possibly can.

The best products that you can find are the Forte hair styling products. They help the style to stay in place and keep your hair healthy. The best combo to get is the thickening spray with the hair styling cream. The thickening spray adds volume to dull, flat hair, and the styling cream adds a lot of shine and holds your hair in place without making it stiff.

4. Blow Dryer:


The next reason for having bad hair days is that you might not use the hair dryer properly. Many men prefer to avoid using the hair dryer, but you are missing out because by using a hair dryer, you have the best hairstyle. Towel drying or air-drying is not the way to go, and your hair won't look good that way.

The hair dryer allows you to get a perfect style. Furthermore, it is better to dry off your hair as quickly as possible, as keeping your hair wet for a longer duration can cause hair damage. This is because your hair is really fragile when they are wet, and when you run your brush or hands through your hair, it can cause breakage.

5. Getting a Good Barber:


Lastly, your barber might be the reason for your bad hair. You might not communicate with your barber, or your barber might not be professional enough to fulfill your needs. Therefore, it is best to break up with your barber and start a new relationship with a new barber.

It can be annoying, but you need to find a good barber, as getting a good haircut is the base of having a good hairstyle. If your haircut is not good, you will not get the desired hair look even if you get the best products in the world and do everything else, such as sleeping on silk pillowcases, washing your hair with cold water, and other things.

If your haircut sucks, then your hair won't look good. Once you find the right person for the job, your hair will drastically improve, and you will be able to have healthy and stylish hair.

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